Reader’s question : “I got her number from her friend. Can I text her?”


Reader’s question:


So, one of my close friends who just happens to be a girl (don’t get the wrong idea) gave me the number of a girl I like. I want to text her but I don’t want to seem like a stalker who got her number without her permission. Should I text her or should I wait for the possibility that she gives it to me?

– Jeff (name changed), Bangalore



***My response***

You are right, she’ll find it super creepy that you got her number indirectly. In fact, if she’s hot, she will probably ignore all your calls and text messages. Hot babes ignore calls from numbers they don’t recognize, because they are used to random guys calling and texting them all the time.

But no, you should not “wait for the possibility” of her giving you her number. A real man does not wait for life to happen to him, he goes out and makes life happen.

So, now that you have her number, what’s the best you can do?

First, create attraction. Unless a girl is attracted to a guy, she will not enjoy receiving a call from him.

Here’s an idea.

Scribble her name and number on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.


(tel # above is hidden for privacy reasons)


Next time you see her, walk up and say…

You: “Hey, are you Aditi?”

She: “Yes, blah, blah”


Remove piece of paper from pocket, look at it and show it to her…

You: “Is this your number?”

She: “Yes, blah, blah”

You: “A friend of yours thinks you and I will look good together. She gave me your number and asked me to take you out for coffee.”


You: “….but I don’t call random girls. I wanted to talk to you first and make sure you are not weird or anything”

She: “blah, blah”

You: “Well, thank God you at least sound normal. I have been meeting too many psycho girls lately.”

She: “blah, blah”

You: “Listen, I wish I had the time to talk to you but I am going somewhere. Let me give you a missed call right now so you have my number and maybe we can talk later.”

Pause, look at her suspiciously.

You: “…but don’t call me 50 times a day just because you have my number!”

She: “No, I won’t, blah, blah”


Give her a missed call.

Tell her to save the number as Coffee maybe

High-five and leave.

Text her after a few hours (at least 5 hrs) or the next day.

She will now find your messages more attractive than if you had messaged her as a random stranger.

Note: the attraction may still not be so high that she will agree to go out with you. You may need to build more attraction for that to happen. Women don’t jump into bed that easily.

Don’t reveal that you are happy and excited just because she replies to your text message. That may make her lose the little attraction you have built. Trust me, been there, done that. 🙂

Continue to test, evaluate and qualify her, as if you are not yet totally impressed. Only then should you ask her out.



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The dark secret of Indian bedrooms…exposed!


Did you know that many married men are raising
children that are not really their own?


He thinks he is the real dad.

His child thinks he is the real dad.

His relatives and neighbours think he is the real dad.

But in fact, he is not the real dad.


The real dad (the man who had sex with his wife) is
some other guy. Probably 
a family friend, or her office
colleague, or her lover,  or a casual acquaintance.
It could even be the family driver.


This is nothing new.

This has been happening for thousands of years, in every
society around the world.

The woman marries one man and has the child of another.

The husband thinks it’s his own child and raises it like his own.

And they live happily ever after. Nobody doubts anything. 🙂


Until DNA testing came along.

Now, for the first time ever, you could have solid proof
of whether the child you are raising is really your child.

And the test results are disturbing men everywhere.


According to the DNA division of the Directorate of Forensic
Sciences (DFS) in Ahmedabad, in 98% of the cases they test,
the husband is NOT the real father (read full news report here)


Why do some women do this? Why do they avoid having a child
with the husband and choose to have the baby 
of another man?


The reason is simple. A woman only wants to have
the baby of the man she is ATTRACTED to. 


If she is not attracted to the man, she will not want his baby.

It does not matter if he is her husband.

It does not matter if he is a loving husband.

It does not matter if the husband is an MBA from Harvard,
or a billionaire businessman or has six-pack abs.

It does not even matter if she is a “good girl” from a “sanskari” family.

No attraction, no baby. Period.


You’re probably thinking…what if the husband or her family
pressurizes her to have a child. Won’t she then be forced to
have sex with the husband and have 
his baby?

Yes, that does happen.

But despite the pressure, many women find ways to avoid
having the husband’s baby. She may have sex with the
husband, but she can still have another man’s baby.

How is that possible?

One of the most common ways is to have sex with another
man, just before having sex with her husband. 

Once she gets the sperm from the man she prefers, she then
has sex with her husband in the next few days.

When the baby is born 9 months later, the husband thinks
the baby is his and he invests his time, money and energy
on raising the child. 

Little does he know that he is raising another man’s child.


So how can a man tackle this challenge? How can he ensure
that his wife has his baby and not another man’s?


Most men handle this challenge by controlling the woman.

They restrict her movements, they make her wear ghunghat or
burkha, they prevent her from carrying mobile phone, they
hire a detective to follow her around, and in extreme cases,
they keep her locked at home, never letting her step out.


But that is hard work. It takes too much time and energy
to control a woman 24 x 7.


There is an easier way.


Instead of controlling the woman, control yourself.

Instead of monitoring the woman, monitor yourself.

Instead of directing your efforts on the woman,
work on yourself.


Just focus on being the REAL MAN that women are looking for.

And women will automatically want to f**k you and have your baby.




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The ‘secret’ lives of hot babes

Two common myths…

  • Myth: Hot babes have too many guys approaching them and so they must be sick of being approached all the time.
    Fact: Beautiful girls are almost never approached. Did you know Yaami Gautam has never been approached. 😉
  • Myth: Most hot babes are found in bars and night-clubs.
    Fact:  A high-quality girl, who is attractive inside and out, who has maturity and integrity, who really has her life together, is rarely found getting drunk in night clubs. You are much more likely to bump into her during the day. Remember Vijaylakshmi, the pub-loving bohemian
    from the movie Queen?Click "Display images" to see the image




    In real life, Lisa Haydon (the actor who played Vijaylakshmi) is not a pubbing-clubbing girl. "I'd rather exercise and do yoga, go for a stroll on the beach, run a marathon, dish up a meal, watch a movie, listen to music or read a book," says Lisa.





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Mails from women “would like to date your real men”

We receive lots of mails from women who thank us for teaching the
Real Man workshop.


Often, women will themselves make the payment and enroll their men
for the workshop. Girlfriends and wives will register on behalf of their
boyfriends and husbands, to help their men learn these skills.


Occasionally, a cool mom signs up her son for the workshop.


And sometimes, women write to ask how they can date our workshop participants. 🙂


Here’s a recent mail from a woman…

“…how wonderful of you to bring out of darkness and into the light, the education
needed to enjoy the God-given gift of the miracle of feeling physical love. How I am
proud of your efforts and the work you are doing for humanity. Well well done. By the
way are your “real men” up for dating? 😉 My girlfriends and me would like to meet
men who are not wussies and know what to do in the bedroom!”


My answer is Yes, we will be making our workshop participants* available on
our website for visitors to contact.

Our workshop participants come from all over India and a few from around the world.
You will be able to search our workshop participants by city, state and country and
contact them for attraction advice or to ask them out on a date.


Watch this space.


* Privacy is important. Only those workshop participants who give us the permission, will be featured on our website.



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Yaami Gautam has never been approached

In an interview Yaami Gautam explained why she hasn’t got laid yet.


Journalist : “You have never been linked with anyone?”

Yami : “Because I have had no affair in my life so far. On Valentine’s Day, it becomes pitch dark in Chandigarh during evenings. I would have many boys following me around as I went on a rickshaw for tuition, but never had an affair. The closest I came to one, was by secretly having a crush on this Kashmiri boy from a distance. But I didn’t even find out his name. My man needs to be the absolute opposite of me. I have been an absolute cow all my life. He would need to take me out of my shell as I have this invisible fence that I am comfortable and happy with.”


Imagine that.

Guys followed her around but nobody approached her.

She had a secret crush on a boy from a distance. And that is the closest she has come to having an “affair”.


Can you detect the quiet desperation inside? She calls a secret crush the “closest thing to an affair”.

Can you see how eagerly she wants to have an “affair”, to get laid.

Can you see how positively she would have responded  if a guy had approached her attractively?


Most beautiful women have NEVER been approached because most guys find them beyond their league.

They think, yeh meri aukaat ke bahar hai.


But in fact, the opposite is true. When I take clients out for approaching, at first they avoid approaching the hot girls I point out, they prefer approaching the less pretty girls.

After I push the clients harder, several approaches later, they realize that the best responses they have got that day are from the hottest women in the venue and the worst responses they got were from the ugliest girls in the venue. Truth is stranger than fiction. 😉


If any of those Chandigarh guys who followed Yami Gautam in a rickshaw had approached her (even awkwardly) he might have been the first to have sex with her.

Women are as horny as men, and are as eager to get laid, but they will not usually approach. It’s the man’s job.


The worst thing that happens when you approach is you won’t get the girl.

The best thing? Great sex, relationships, friendships, networking opportunities, expansion of your social circle…and more.


Always approach. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.




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Free book : how to sexually satisfy her (even if you have no experience)

My first time in bed with a girl was a disaster.


The things I did turned her off completely. She did not even let
me kiss her, forget sex.


All the advice I had got from friends and from watching porn was
useless, as I lay in bed next to her, staring at the ceiling of
the hotel room, not knowing what to do next. LOL!

I laugh now but at that time, I felt like a loser.


Many men go through the same feeling on their wedding night
if they don’t know how to sexually satisfy a woman.


I get lots of mails from virgin men about to get married or about
to have their first sexual encounter.


They worry that their penis is not big enough or their erections
don’t last long enough and they wonder if they will be able to
satisfy their partner.


What they don’t know is that any man can sexually satisfy
a woman as long as he follows 8 basic steps.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of men can’t afford to hire a
sex coach like me. That’s why I have put these 8 steps in a
free book that anybody can downloaded here:



I call it Wedding Night For Dummies because even a
clueless guy can use these tips to be a good lover.


Why am I giving it away for free? Because I want to help men,
and indirectly, women too.


I learnt these tips the hard way, but you can avoid the mistakes
I made, and become a good lover faster.


Whether it’s your first time ever with a woman, or your first time
with a new woman, you’ll find these tips useful.


Read it, use it, share it freely with anyone you like.





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Should a man marry?

Are you looking forward to getting married?


I am writing a detailed blog post on the subject.


The information I will share may surprise you.
It will definitely empower you.


Send me your reasons why you think getting married
is a good idea. Use this form. I will try to address your
reasons in my blog post.


Privacy  is important : Your details will never be shared



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Reader’s question : “Girls find me funny, but they only see me as FRIEND”



I have many beautiful colleagues as my ‘FRIEND’ … they all love my sense
of humour and all of them say that any girl will be lucky to have you…
but I don’t understand why someone else? Why not one of them ??

Regarding the jokes… if the girl is very comfortable with me.. I will crack
non-veg jokes very often… otherwise normal jokes.. and every girl has
different taste for jokes…one may like the other may or may not like
the same joke..

One example is… suppose i ping a female…

Me : hi
She : hi… kya hua
Me : mere padosi ko ladka hua..
(she was laughing madly)

And here’s a little non-veg kind of joke i cracked:

She : Yaar swimming pool ja ke mere legs tan ho gai hai
(she was pointing to her thighs. That day she was wearing a long knee length skirt)
Me: (i made a very serious expression looking at her thighs and said)
I don’t believe you…lemme see
(we both laughed after that)

Most of the girls have told me….that i have a very good sense of humour…
but… i just cant make a girl see me as a potential boyfriend. i am very confused.

– Karan (name changed), Mumbai



***My response***


Let’s look at the jokes you crack and the effect it
actually has on the women.


Here’s the first example you provided.


i ping a female…

Me : hi
She : hi… kya hua
Me : mere padosi ko ladka hua..
(she was laughing madly)


You texted her just to entertain her?

Well, here’s what that made her think…


“This guy texted me for no reason except to amuse me??!
Why?! What does he want from me?”


“Looks like he is not having fun in his life. He needs me
to have fun.”


“He seems to have a lot of time on his hands. Either he is
jobless or he has a boring life with no fun activities.”


“Looks like there are no women chasing him. If there were,
he wouldn’t have
the time to chase me.”


“Yeh mere peeche kyon pada hai? How do I get rid of him smoothly?”


“If I tell him to stop texting me, he may get offended, because men have
fragile egos. My friend Sonali said that to a guy once and he threatened
to throw acid on her face. Well, Karan is sweet, he’ll never be violent, 
he will still sulk, and that will make it uncomfortable for me when
I see him next time with common friends. 
So what do I do?!
maybe I’ll do what my friend Priyanka does. I could tell
him that 
OTHER girls would like him. That should give him a hint,
also massaging his ego.”


She is not thinking all this consciously, but at a subconscious level.

She is programmed by nature to think that way, she can’t help it.


Remember, sex is a big deal for a woman. If she has sex with a
low-value male, she could die. Yes, DIE!

Read this previous blog post Sex can kill a woman


Because you have displayed low-value qualities, she is not
attracted to you. So why did she laugh? Maybe she found the
joke funny, maybe she is being polite, or perhaps she is giggling
nervously. But there is NO attraction.


So, should you not randomly text a woman?

Of course you should. In fact, random texting is a great way to build attraction.

But you should do it in a way that displays high value characteristics.

Here’s how I text a woman randomly.


Me : “hey quick question. blue or peach?”
She : “peach”
Me : “cool”
She : “why? blah blah”


And I am gone!

I don’t even give a reason for the question, or a reason
why I am in such a rush.

Even if she texts back, I don’t reply. 

I am gone for a few hours.


So why is that attractive?

My text message makes her think these thoughts…


“Blue? Peach? What was that about???! I am curious.”


“He’s gone?! How dare he disappear without answering
my questions! Who does he think he is !”


“Every other guy wants to keep chatting nonstop.
But this guy wants nothing from me. He is different!”


“He must be a busy guy with a fun life. I need
some fun in my life. Maybe I need him!” 


“Whatever he is doing is obviously more fun than me,
otherwise he would have stayed and talked to me.”


“He does not need me to have fun????? 🙁 “


“I wonder why he asked about the colours? Was it a shirt
he was buying? Or curtains? Bathroom tiles? Is it for a dress?
Dress for me?! Dress for another girl????!! Is there another
girl? Is she prettier than me? Is he serious about her?”


“So did he pick the color I chose or did he pick the other one?” 


Now she looks forward to me texting, calling or meeting
her, and when I do, she will value it more than usual.



Now let’s look at the other joke you cracked.

She : “Yaar swimming pool ja ke mere legs tan ho gayee hai”
(she was pointing to her thighs. That day she was wearing a long knee length skirt)

: (i made a very serious expression looking at her thighs and said)

“I don’t believe you…lemme see”
(we both laughed after that) 


Most guys reading this blog post would found your line funny.

But to a girl, that is not funny. In fact, it’s a bit scary.

When you communicate that you are eager to see her legs,
you’re indirectly saying that you don’t get to see the female
body that often.

Which means women avoid getting naked in front of you.

Which means you are probably a low-value male.

She may laugh politely, but here are the thoughts she is thinking.


“I talk about my tan on my legs. He ignores the tan and focuses
on the ‘legs’. Hmm…”


Looks like, the guy has not seen a lot of female legs. I wonder why.”


“Hasn’t he been with a naked woman? Do women avoid
undressing when he is around? Do they find him creepy?”


“I don’t have the time to test him, but if other women avoid
him, let me give myself the benefit of doubt and avoid getting
intimate with him.”


Now let’s look at the same situation handled differently.
Below is the high-value way of responding to her comment.
She : “Yaar swimming pool ja ke mere legs tan ho gayee hai”

Me :  “Now please DO NOT open your dress and show me
your legs. Jeez!”
(I cover my eyes and look away as if I don’t want to look)

She : “I am not showing them to you….blah, blah”

Me : “I am really fed up of girls wanting to show me their body.
Why can’t girls just have a normal conversation with me? Why does
every interaction have to end up with her getting naked?!”
(I roll my eyes as if to show I am fed up of this happening)

She : “But I am not doing that….blah, blah”

Me : “Just because I am cute, does not mean you treat me
like a sex object! Can we please change the subject to something
else besides your legs? Uff… (I roll my eyes some more)


She will laugh, and here are the thoughts she is thinking.


“Why is he looking away? Does he find my legs a turn-off?!


“Maybe he is joking. Maybe not?”


“Maybe it’s the fat around my legs. I wonder if he noticed the fat!”


“Maybe he has women in his life whose legs are hotter? Does he
have another woman? Does he like her? Do I have a chance with him?”


I don’t have the time to test him. But if he already has hot women in
his life, then they must have tested him to check if he is a high value
male, so maybe I don’t need to test him. Perhaps I can get intimate
with him without needing to worry.”



And by the way, here’s something you said that provides a window
into your mind…


“… if the girl is very comfortable with me.. I will crack non-veg jokes
very often… otherwise normal jokes.. and every girl has 
different taste
for jokes…one may like the other may or may not like 
the same joke…”


You serve jokes based on the girl’s preference, not based on what
you enjoy. That’s the attitude of a waiter in a restaurant. And girls
don’t f**k waiters. 🙂


The female is not attracted to the male who waits for her to take
the lead, who waits for her to decide what joke he will crack. 

She wants a man who will go ahead and take the lead and crack
the joke HE wants.


Your eagerness to serve the girls what they want, makes them
see you as just a provider to keep around, not a lover who will
f**k their brains out.

Which is another reason they say things like
“any girl will be lucky to have you”.

What she really means to say is : “I don’t feel attracted to you, but
since you 
enjoy providing girls with what they want, I know many
girls who are 
looking for a guy to buy them gifts, listen to their
problems and pay 
their bills. They would love to have you as
one of their boyfriends.”


Sorry if that was tough to hear Karan, but as a wise man once said,
the truth shall set you free. 🙂


To summarize…

What’s the main difference between the your sense of humor and
that of an attractive man?

You try to amuse the girls. The attractive man amuses himself.

When you amuse girls, they find you funny and they laugh.
When you amuse yourself, they find you fun and are attracted.





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Easiest way to create attraction is with ‘push-pull’

The easiest way to spark attraction in a girl is to use push-pull.


What is push-pull?

It is showing interest in her and then showing disinterest and
then showing interest again…push, pull, push, pull…always
keeping her unsure of whether you really like her or not.


Here’s an example. 

You: “I love looking into your eyes. You know why?”

She: “Why, blah, blah”

You: “Because I see my reflection in them. I look so hot.”


Here’s another longer example.


You: “Hey, I like your hair”

She: “Thanks, blah, blah”

You: “I hope it’s real and not a wig”

She: “It is real, blah, blah”

You: “Because these days most girls’ parts are made in China” 🙁

She: “Ha, ha, mine is real, blah, blah”

You: “That’s what they all say. But there is a way to confirm it.”

She: “How? blah, blah”

You: “I am going to pull it and check for myself”

She: “What?! Blah, blah”

You: “But the hair-pulling may turn you on and you may start attacking me sexually! Sorry, hair-pulling cancelled.”


You get the idea…


So why does push-pull work? 


For 2 reasons.

1) It keeps her wondering whether you really like her.
“Other guys make it clear they like me but why is this guy
not saying it clearly??!”
 It makes her see you as a challenge to conquer, and that makes her think of you all the time.

2) It makes you come across as a guy who doesn’t care what
she thinks of you. Women
love that kind of guy.


Push-pull is the easiest way to let a female friend, colleague,
neighbour, classmate or acquaintance see you as not
just-a-friend, but a potential sexual partner.


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Real Man Workshops soon
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