The dark secret of Indian bedrooms…exposed!


Did you know that many married men are raising
children that are not really their own?


He thinks he is the real dad.

His child thinks he is the real dad.

His relatives and neighbours think he is the real dad.

But in fact, he is not the real dad.


The real dad (the man who had sex with his wife) is
some other guy. Probably 
a family friend, or her office
colleague, or her lover,  or a casual acquaintance.
It could even be the family driver.


This is nothing new.

This has been happening for thousands of years, in every
society around the world.

The woman marries one man and has the child of another.

The husband thinks it’s his own child and raises it like his own.

And they live happily ever after. Nobody doubts anything. 🙂


Until DNA testing came along.

Now, for the first time ever, you could have solid proof
of whether the child you are raising is really your child.

And the test results are disturbing men everywhere.


According to the DNA division of the Directorate of Forensic
Sciences (DFS) in Ahmedabad, in 98% of the cases they test,
the husband is NOT the real father (read full news report here)


Why do some women do this? Why do they avoid having a child
with the husband and choose to have the baby 
of another man?


The reason is simple. A woman only wants to have
the baby of the man she is ATTRACTED to. 


If she is not attracted to the man, she will not want his baby.

It does not matter if he is her husband.

It does not matter if he is a loving husband.

It does not matter if the husband is an MBA from Harvard,
or a billionaire businessman or has six-pack abs.

It does not even matter if she is a “good girl” from a “sanskari” family.

No attraction, no baby. Period.


You’re probably thinking…what if the husband or her family
pressurizes her to have a child. Won’t she then be forced to
have sex with the husband and have 
his baby?

Yes, that does happen.

But despite the pressure, many women find ways to avoid
having the husband’s baby. She may have sex with the
husband, but she can still have another man’s baby.

How is that possible?

One of the most common ways is to have sex with another
man, just before having sex with her husband. 

Once she gets the sperm from the man she prefers, she then
has sex with her husband in the next few days.

When the baby is born 9 months later, the husband thinks
the baby is his and he invests his time, money and energy
on raising the child. 

Little does he know that he is raising another man’s child.


So how can a man tackle this challenge? How can he ensure
that his wife has his baby and not another man’s?


Most men handle this challenge by controlling the woman.

They restrict her movements, they make her wear ghunghat or
burkha, they prevent her from carrying mobile phone, they
hire a detective to follow her around, and in extreme cases,
they keep her locked at home, never letting her step out.


But that is hard work. It takes too much time and energy
to control a woman 24 x 7.


There is an easier way.


Instead of controlling the woman, control yourself.

Instead of monitoring the woman, monitor yourself.

Instead of directing your efforts on the woman,
work on yourself.


Just focus on being the REAL MAN that women are looking for.

And women will automatically want to f**k you and have your baby.




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