The ‘secret’ lives of hot babes

Two common myths…

  • Myth: Hot babes have too many guys approaching them and so they must be sick of being approached all the time.
    Fact: Beautiful girls are almost never approached. Did you know Yaami Gautam has never been approached. 😉
  • Myth: Most hot babes are found in bars and night-clubs.
    Fact:  A high-quality girl, who is attractive inside and out, who has maturity and integrity, who really has her life together, is rarely found getting drunk in night clubs. You are much more likely to bump into her during the day. Remember Vijaylakshmi, the pub-loving bohemian
    from the movie Queen?Click "Display images" to see the image




    In real life, Lisa Haydon (the actor who played Vijaylakshmi) is not a pubbing-clubbing girl. "I'd rather exercise and do yoga, go for a stroll on the beach, run a marathon, dish up a meal, watch a movie, listen to music or read a book," says Lisa.





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