Mails from women “would like to date your real men”

We receive lots of mails from women who thank us for teaching the
Real Man workshop.


Often, women will themselves make the payment and enroll their men
for the workshop. Girlfriends and wives will register on behalf of their
boyfriends and husbands, to help their men learn these skills.


Occasionally, a cool mom signs up her son for the workshop.


And sometimes, women write to ask how they can date our workshop participants. 🙂


Here’s a recent mail from a woman…

“…how wonderful of you to bring out of darkness and into the light, the education
needed to enjoy the God-given gift of the miracle of feeling physical love. How I am
proud of your efforts and the work you are doing for humanity. Well well done. By the
way are your “real men” up for dating? 😉 My girlfriends and me would like to meet
men who are not wussies and know what to do in the bedroom!”


My answer is Yes, we will be making our workshop participants* available on
our website for visitors to contact.

Our workshop participants come from all over India and a few from around the world.
You will be able to search our workshop participants by city, state and country and
contact them for attraction advice or to ask them out on a date.


Watch this space.


* Privacy is important. Only those workshop participants who give us the permission, will be featured on our website.



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