Free book : how to sexually satisfy her (even if you have no experience)

My first time in bed with a girl was a disaster.


The things I did turned her off completely. She did not even let
me kiss her, forget sex.


All the advice I had got from friends and from watching porn was
useless, as I lay in bed next to her, staring at the ceiling of
the hotel room, not knowing what to do next. LOL!

I laugh now but at that time, I felt like a loser.


Many men go through the same feeling on their wedding night
if they don’t know how to sexually satisfy a woman.


I get lots of mails from virgin men about to get married or about
to have their first sexual encounter.


They worry that their penis is not big enough or their erections
don’t last long enough and they wonder if they will be able to
satisfy their partner.


What they don’t know is that any man can sexually satisfy
a woman as long as he follows 8 basic steps.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of men can’t afford to hire a
sex coach like me. That’s why I have put these 8 steps in a
free book that anybody can downloaded here:



I call it Wedding Night For Dummies because even a
clueless guy can use these tips to be a good lover.


Why am I giving it away for free? Because I want to help men,
and indirectly, women too.


I learnt these tips the hard way, but you can avoid the mistakes
I made, and become a good lover faster.


Whether it’s your first time ever with a woman, or your first time
with a new woman, you’ll find these tips useful.


Read it, use it, share it freely with anyone you like.





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