Yaami Gautam has never been approached

In an interview Yaami Gautam explained why she hasn’t got laid yet.


Journalist : “You have never been linked with anyone?”

Yami : “Because I have had no affair in my life so far. On Valentine’s Day, it becomes pitch dark in Chandigarh during evenings. I would have many boys following me around as I went on a rickshaw for tuition, but never had an affair. The closest I came to one, was by secretly having a crush on this Kashmiri boy from a distance. But I didn’t even find out his name. My man needs to be the absolute opposite of me. I have been an absolute cow all my life. He would need to take me out of my shell as I have this invisible fence that I am comfortable and happy with.”


Imagine that.

Guys followed her around but nobody approached her.

She had a secret crush on a boy from a distance. And that is the closest she has come to having an “affair”.


Can you detect the quiet desperation inside? She calls a secret crush the “closest thing to an affair”.

Can you see how eagerly she wants to have an “affair”, to get laid.

Can you see how positively she would have responded  if a guy had approached her attractively?


Most beautiful women have NEVER been approached because most guys find them beyond their league.

They think, yeh meri aukaat ke bahar hai.


But in fact, the opposite is true. When I take clients out for approaching, at first they avoid approaching the hot girls I point out, they prefer approaching the less pretty girls.

After I push the clients harder, several approaches later, they realize that the best responses they have got that day are from the hottest women in the venue and the worst responses they got were from the ugliest girls in the venue. Truth is stranger than fiction. 😉


If any of those Chandigarh guys who followed Yami Gautam in a rickshaw had approached her (even awkwardly) he might have been the first to have sex with her.

Women are as horny as men, and are as eager to get laid, but they will not usually approach. It’s the man’s job.


The worst thing that happens when you approach is you won’t get the girl.

The best thing? Great sex, relationships, friendships, networking opportunities, expansion of your social circle…and more.


Always approach. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.




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