Easiest way to create attraction is with ‘push-pull’

The easiest way to spark attraction in a girl is to use push-pull.


What is push-pull?

It is showing interest in her and then showing disinterest and
then showing interest again…push, pull, push, pull…always
keeping her unsure of whether you really like her or not.


Here’s an example. 

You: “I love looking into your eyes. You know why?”

She: “Why, blah, blah”

You: “Because I see my reflection in them. I look so hot.”


Here’s another longer example.


You: “Hey, I like your hair”

She: “Thanks, blah, blah”

You: “I hope it’s real and not a wig”

She: “It is real, blah, blah”

You: “Because these days most girls’ parts are made in China” 🙁

She: “Ha, ha, mine is real, blah, blah”

You: “That’s what they all say. But there is a way to confirm it.”

She: “How? blah, blah”

You: “I am going to pull it and check for myself”

She: “What?! Blah, blah”

You: “But the hair-pulling may turn you on and you may start attacking me sexually! Sorry, hair-pulling cancelled.”


You get the idea…


So why does push-pull work? 


For 2 reasons.

1) It keeps her wondering whether you really like her.
“Other guys make it clear they like me but why is this guy
not saying it clearly??!”
 It makes her see you as a challenge to conquer, and that makes her think of you all the time.

2) It makes you come across as a guy who doesn’t care what
she thinks of you. Women
love that kind of guy.


Push-pull is the easiest way to let a female friend, colleague,
neighbour, classmate or acquaintance see you as not
just-a-friend, but a potential sexual partner.


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