What's a good pickup line?

A lot of guys email me with the question, "What's a good pickup line?" Guys want the magic mantra, the words.

But the magic is not in the words. It's in the delivery. No ready-made pickup line is going to work if you’re shaking nervously while delivering it.

The world's most powerful pick-up line can be a simple "Hi."

When starting a conversation with a woman the most important things are your body language, attitude, and voice tone. The truth is, meeting women is not difficult. The biggest problem men have is just getting out of YOUR OWN WAY. Just wipe the nonsense out of your mind that stops you from meeting the women you want to be with. Our workshops and seminars are designed to help you do that.  Click here for details of the latest workshop.

And yes, our workshops do give you lots of 'readymade' pickup lines for a variety of places...coffee shop, book store, grocery store, bus-stop,vegetable vendor, supermarket, movie theater etc.