Private Coaching

Customized, one-on-one coaching for celebrities and those who seek privacy. The coach can get to quickly know you, your strengths, your challenges and can create content that's specifically tailored for you and your level of approach anxiety.


  • Identification of the specific reasons that are holding you back from approaching and talking to women
  • Evaluation of your existing skill set (strengths and sticking points)
  • Refining your identity
  • Correction of your bodylanguage and voice tone
  • Demo approaches provided by coach
  • Generation of unique conversation material for you to open women with
  • Style and grooming suggestions to enhance your attraction.
  • Encouragement to approach numerous targets (the coach will push you nonstop) and continuous feedback provided to help you improve.
  • Practice approaches on a beautiful, friendly girl (Real Man Academy staff) in a shopping mall, coffee shop and night club. This makes it easier to approach other women in the same venues.
  • Practice on a variety of targets in different situations: Women in coffee shops, women walking on the street, women in book stores, women in supermarkets, foreign tourists, girls in your college...or any other kind of women that you are interested in. The coach will ensure that you will do massive amounts of approaches.
  • Practice both kinds of approaches : Indirect and Direct
  • If there's a specific woman (in your social circle or workplace) that you're interested in, the coach will provide customized strategy, advice and ideas to help you win her over. Including custom text messages, email messages and phone conversations to interact with her.
  • Sex coaching. How to give a woman the ultimate pleasure in bed. Training is provided by a certified sex educator.
  • Resolution of any personal questions or issues you may have.
  • Lifelong access to Shiva for assistance with attracting or seducing any woman


Fee for private coaching will depend on what level you are at, what your schedule is and in which city you are located. After meeting you personally, the coach will decide how many days of coaching you'll need to learn this, and provide you with a detailed quote. The minimum fee for Private Coaching is Rs.6,80,000 for a 6 day session (includes 1 day for fashion styling by a professional stylist).

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