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Step-by-step instructions (with practical exercises) on how to approach and attract women. Chat with Shiva live, ask him questions, get instant responses. Stop doing the wrong things. Start doing things that work.

Frequently asked questions

What is eCoaching?

The Real Man eCoaching program is a mix of powerful attraction lessons and practical exercises combined with live chatting with a coach.

Every day I will email you an assignment with specific instructions.

The assignment is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and teach you an important attraction lesson. You need just 1 hour a day to do your assignment.

Each assignment takes you closer to becoming the socially confident man that all women are attracted to, no matter where in the world you live.


Once a week you chat with Shiva LIVE on the phone. Ask questions, get instant responses. Or listen to others' questions and learn from Shiva's responses.

What is included in eCoaching?

Here's what you get

Powerful lessons & Assignments

30 lessons & assignments designed to push you out of your comfort zone, step by step, day by day. The objective : to train you in the art of approaching and connecting with women.

Powerful lessons and Assignments

LIVE weekly chats with Shiva

Ask questions, get instant response. Also learn from others' questions from all over India.

LIVE weekly chats with Shiva


Get a free copy of the PocketPUA, a collection of dozens of routines that solve your problem of What do I talk about! And it fits into your pocket.

Why did you create the eCoaching Program ?

I receive many, many questions from men all over India...

  • How do I convert my office colleague into my lover?
  • What to say to this pretty woman that I see at the bus stop daily?
  • A girl gave me her number at a party, but now she's not returning my phone calls, what do I do?
  • I sent her an sms, she replied, now what do I sms her back?

I respond to many of the guys, but it's practically impossible to respond to each one of them. Many of them can't afford my private coaching and some of those who can, don't have the time to wait for the next available slot. They want to start learning immediately.

That's why I created the eCoaching program to provide the most basic training required to approach a girl and get her number.

The program is a series of assignments that push you out of your comfort zone, step by step, combined with LIVE chats during which you can ask Shiva any question related to attracting women. The curriculum is designed to give you a push every day, but never push you so hard that you will fall.

The eCoaching program is the easiest and most affordable way for you to get trained by Shiva himself. You can sign up from anywhere in India or the world, and start receiving lessons immediately. All you need is an internet connection and the determination to do the assignments we send you.

What kind of lessons will the program have?

More than 30 powerful attraction lessons. Just one of these lessons could transform your success with women!

Will I be taken out and coached live by Shiva?

No, that only happens in our bootcamps and private coaching. But you will get to talk to Shiva live on the phone every week and ask your personal dating questions. If you don't have a question you can listen to others asking their questions and learn from them.

Is my privacy protected when I ask personal questions?

You can ask any question you want and get Shiva's instant response. Nobody in the conference room will know your real name, you will only be identified by the name you introduce yourself as. Choose any nickname you want.

You can describe the situation you are in and ask Shiva for the exact words to say to her. You can describe the sms she sent you and ask Shiva what you should reply back. Or describe the email you receive and ask me what you should write back. Or you can ask how to approach women in any specific situation . Click here for examples of questions guys ask Shiva from all over India.

The group conference will have other students, some more and some less skilled than you, from your city and from other cities. Even if you don't have a question, you can learn from others' questions . Just one group conference session could open your mind so wide, it would be worth the price of the entire program!

Do I have to travel to Mumbai for the program?

No, you don't have to travel to Mumbai. You can do the eCoaching program from wherever you are in India.

When is the next batch starting?

Batches begin every day. You can join any day and your lessons start from that day.The exercises start at a basic level and gradually become more advanced.

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Will this really help me?

That is for you to decide.

But we can tell you about the program.

The program has been specifically designed to get you a date.

Perhaps you will get that date in as little as 6 days, perhaps it will take longer than 30 days. How much improvement you make will depend on the level you are at right now, and how sincerely you do the assignments.

But no matter what level you are on, this much we promise you : by the end of the program, you will be a much more attractive man than you were before starting the program.

We have taken every thing we know about approaching and attracting women, and compressed it into 30 powerful lessons.VIEW SAMPLES

Just one lesson could permanently change the way you interact with women and stop you from making the mistakes that have been blocking your dating success. Just one chat session could open your eyes and save you thousands (or lakhs) of rupees that you're probably spending on women right now without getting the results you want.

And this is not just about women. This is about helping you express your own best self. Besides improving your dating skills, you will become more confident and outgoing at social gatherings and parties. Your relationships with your friends and families will improve. You will build stronger bonds with your colleagues at work.

This program is designed to help you express your best self in all social interactions.

When guys attend our bootcamps or private coaching, we find that a few of them are ahead of the others. They have better body language, voice tone, fashion and grooming. Later, we learn that those guys had taken my eCoaching program earlier and their basics were already quite good. After seeing many guys benefit from the program, I am sure this program will help you improve.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?


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30 powerful attraction lessons
  • 30 powerful attraction lessons
  • Live chats with Shiva