Just because you interact with her daily does not make her view you romantically.You have to interact with her in a specific way for her to see you as a potential lover.

6-hour teleseminar : Turning colleague or friend into lover
Includes : Your personal dating problem solved.

Not all my clients hire me to learn how to approach women.

Many want help with just one thing : turning a colleague or a friend into a lover.

He already knows the girl, he interacts with her often, but the problem : she only views him as a buddy, never as a romantic partner.

When I sit down with the client to understand his situation, I find that he has given her compliments, taken her out for dinners, done favours for her, done her share of the office work by staying late in the office, spent a fortune in buying her expensive gifts (one man bought his colleague diamond jewelry, no kidding!), taken her out to exotic holidays...but the one thing he did not do is : speak the language of attraction.

If you speak the language of attraction, you don't need to spend on the girl to win her approval.In fact, it is the girl who feels like taking you out, buying you gifts and giving you compliments. It is she who will pursue you and will want to be your lover (or spouse). Because, she views you as a real man, and she knows that real men are rare.

Important : Complimenting her beauty or sending her sexual messages does NOT make her see you as a potential lover. In fact that often makes her avoid you and breaks the friendship you had. In a worst case scenario, you could even face a sexual harassment case.

What is the language of attraction?

How and when do you speak this language? What are the words? What is the mindset to adopt that allows you to naturally speak this language using your own words, without depending on coach like me?

I am doing a teleseminar next week on this topic. I will share the skill to turn a friend or colleague into a lover. I will share the mindset and the actual words I use to make her see me as a potential lover. I will share the mistakes I have made, so you can avoid them. I will also provide tips on how to flirt sexually with women without breaking India's strict new sexual harassment laws.

The teleseminar will be spread across 3 days (2 hours each).

Includes solutions to your personal dating problems:

Each seminar will have a Q&A session in which your personal dating issue will be solved. You can ask your frank questions, nobody will know your name or where you are from (you can use a nickname) You will also hear questions from guys all over India, and my answers to their questions.

This will be an intense seminar. Seats are limited because I will solve the personal dating problem of each participant. Each case will be taken up in detail and the participant will learn what he needs to start doing (and stop doing) to get the girl he is currently pursuing.

I have kept a low early-bird fee for guys who are really interested.

What will you learn?

  • How to talk in a way that make a colleague or friend see you as a potential lover.
  • Learn not just the actual words but also the mindset.
  • How to avoid mistakes that can break the friendship or get you into trouble at work.
  • Your personal dating problem solved by Shiva.
  • Listen to cases of other guys and learn from Shiva's answers.

How to attend?

  • Use your phone
  • Attend from anywhere in the world
  • No internet required
  • Local number dialing (India)
  • Call through mobile, landline or net

Frequetly asked questions?

What is a teleseminar?

A teleseminar is a seminar over the phone. You simply call a phone number and you join the live seminar!

Call from your home, office, bathroom, terrace...from anywhere.

No internet required, just use your mobile or landline.

You get to learn without leaving the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

Why conduct teleseminars, why not a REAL seminar?

A teleseminar is a quick, inexpensive way of learning without leaving your home or office.

We do have real workshops and bootcamps that you can physically attend. Visit www.realman.in for details.

Will my privacy be protected during the teleseminar?

Yes, this is a 100% confidential call. Nobody will know your real name or your phone number. You can introduce yourself with the nickname you wish.

Can I ask about my personal dating problem during the chat?

Yes you can. Ask any question you want related to dating or seduction and get Shiva's instant response. Your privacy is protected, nobody in the teleseminar will know your real name.Even if you don't have a question, you can learn from other participants' questions.

Note : Every participant's dating problem will be solved. If time is short, we will have extra sessions if necessary.

Do I have to travel to Mumbai for the teleseminar?

No. You can call from anywhere. All you need is your phone (cell phone or land line).

When is the next teleseminar starting?

Click here to see the dates and details of the upcoming teleseminar.Subscribed to our free alerts here www.realman.in/alerts for information about future teleseminars.A limited number of participants are accepted for every teleseminarso please book your seat early.

Do I have to pay STD charges? Do I need to use the internet?

No STD charges, no internet, no computer required.

All you need is a phone (cell phone or landline).

You will be provided a local number to call in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. You can call the city that is closest to you.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Click the REGISTER button below to see the fee for this teleseminar. The fee will go up as the event date nears.

Seats are limited.

Click the REGISTER button below to pay by credit card.To pay by cash or netbanking follow these instructions.

After you make the payment, a representative will contact youwith all the details you need to attend the teleseminar.

All teleseminar attendees get...

A complimentary copy of the PocketPUA, a collection of dozens of routines that solve your problem of What do I talk about! and that fits into your pocket.

We get both questions, why so expensive, why so cheap?

Why so expensive?

The price is about the cost of dinner at a restaurant. It's not expensive. You could spend lakhs of rupees and waste years of your life (like I did) doing the wrong things and losing women. But one teleseminar can help you stop doing the wrong things, and start doing the right things.

Personalized phone coaching costs much more. Teleseminar is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to directly ask Shiva a question and get an instant response. We don't have teleseminars frequently, so take advantage of them when they're on.

Also, Teleseminar technology is not free, we have to pay a fee to a service provider.

Why so cheap?

A group seminar allows us to keep individual costs low.

Will it be in English or in Hindi?

The teleseminar will be in simple english.If you ask a question in Hindi, you will get an answer in Hindi

If you have any questions not answered here, please send a mail to support[at]realman.in

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