Dating tips

  1. Groom yourself : I hate to say this, but most guys don't get even the basics! Women don't like guys with body odour, bad breath and nose hair.Grooming is important to women. Be clean and smell good.This will help your self confidence too.
  2. Learn to dress well : You don't have to be good-looking, you just have to LOOK GOOD. It's easier than you think, and doesn't cost much if you plan a bit.

    A fashionable shirt, a nice pair of jeans, and cool shoes is a great way to begin. This has a BIG impact on your first impression and will make your approach easier.

  3. Smile : This is commonsense, but when guys get nervous this is one of the first things they forget. People like people who smile.
  4. Sloooooow down : It's hard enough when there is no pressure, but when guys get nervous they move like they have ants in their pants.

    Quick, jerky movements are not attractive. It telegraphs nervousness.

    Think of how James Bond moves, or Brad Pitt, or think of a snail, keep reminding yourself to sloooooow doooowwwnn.

  5. Hold eye contact : A key sign of confidence is to NOT look away when a woman looks at you. Let HER be the first to look away. Note: there is a huge difference between holding eye contact and STARING. If you see a woman look at you... RELAX, SMILE, and SLOW DOWN (see how all this works together)
  6. Be playful : Most guys are boring, stiff, and logical. If you are playful, you have an INSTANT advantage over other men. Women like a man who is playful.

    Teasing a woman the right way is one of the easiest and most effective ways for men to be playful, and it's a powerful attraction trigger.

  7. Touch people : Touch people when you interact with them.It communicates you are a social guy, you are comfortable with them and are inviting them into your world.

    Make a habit of touching everyone you meet, like you would touch friends in your inner circle. Touch early, touch often.

  8. Talk to everyone

    A common mistake guys make is to talk ONLY to the cute girl they are hitting on.Then they wonder why she was not so responsive.Talk to her friends. Talk to people around, both men AND women.

  9. Learn to tell stories : Every man has some cool stories to tell. Maybe you don't think your stories are good because they're nothing new for you. But people always find personal anecdotes interesting.