What you can learn from Ranbir Kapoor’s approach anxiety


A reader sent me this news story about Ranbir’s shyness and his inability to
start a conversation with a girl he does not know.

We often presume that being a celebrity makes it easy to approach women.

Not true. Celebrities find it MORE difficult to approach, because they have a lot more at stake.

If a girl rejects you, it is noticed only by people nearby. But when a girl rejects a
celebrity, EVERYBODY comes to know.

That’s why celebrities don’t usually approach. In fact most of them are really bad at approaching.

I know. Some of them are my clients.


Then how does a celebrity get so many women?

The answer may surprise you.

They are not women he approached. They are women who approached him.


Ranbir Kapoor can only pick from women who call him, write to him or approach him. He cannot get the girl who does not approach him.

That is such an important statement, I’ll say it again.

Ranbir Kapoor cannot get the girl who does not approach him.


Celebrities are approached by women all the time. At parties, in cricket dressing rooms, in hotel lobbies, at film shoots. Women write letters to celebrities, call them on the phone, pass notes to them through their secretaries and bodyguards.

These women are easy to get into bed. But easy comes with a price. We know what happened to Shoaib Akhtar. He caught one of the most horrific sexually transmitted diseases.


If a girl is easy, chances are that she has slept around.

A beautiful, intelligent, classy, healthy girl with high self-esteem will usually never approach a man, no matter how good looking or famous he is.

It is the man who must approach.