How to avoid ‘rejection’ while approaching women

“I love one girl in my college. How can I approach
her without getting rejected?”

-Abhi  T, Lucknow


****My comment***

Don’t try to AVOID rejection.

Try to NOT CARE  when a rejection happens.

Here’s an example.

When you practice shooting basketball, do you care when you miss the basket?

Do you go, “Aww, the basket rejected my ball, it does not like me” 🙁

Ha, ha…of course not! You grab the ball and shoot again and again and again,
with a slight correction each time. It’s just a game. You’re just practicing.


Approaching women is also just a game. When you get a rejection, it’s your
approach that was rejected, not YOU personally. Learn the lesson, apply the
correction, move on and approach another woman or group.


You’re just practicing so that some day when you see the girl you
REALLY want, you know exactly what to do.


The only way to get this mindset of not caring, is by approaching a LOT of women.


When you go out and approach women, the first 3 to 4 approaches may not go well.
But don’t take that personally, treat them like warm-up approaches, and continue to
approach more women, until a magical thing happens.

You soon find yourself in a new mindspace. Now you don’t care any more!

And because you don’t care, your approaches become even better and you face even
less rejections, which make you feel even better and now your approaches look even cooler…
it’s like a loop. Get it?

Even if you intellectually understand what I’m saying, you will not TRULY get it until
you go out and approach.


There are thousands of beautiful women around. Next time you see one, say to yourself,
“Aha, another basketball shot, let’s see how this one goes”

And approach.



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