What you can learn from Hrithik Roshan’s lack of game


When I coach clients, they often have excuses for not going out and approaching women.


They say they will start approaching after a certain point in their life.

After they lose some weight.
After they build some muscles.
After they get that job promotion.
After they learn some dance moves.
After they buy that shiny new car.

If you’re one of those guys, I have news for you.

To attract women, you don’t need any of the above.

Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

Hrithik Roshan.


Hrithik has EVERYTHING you’d expect a woman to be attracted to.

He is rich, famous, one of India’s biggest superstars.
He is tall, has Greek God looks and a perfect body.
He is a brilliant dancer and has a great fashion sense.

Everything a woman would want, right?

Well, not quite.


Women are NOT attracted to him.

His biggest fans have always been kids.*

And things just got worse: now GAYS are liking him a lot.



So what went wrong?

Question : Why does a “perfect hunk” like Hrithik not have a large female fan following?

Answer : In real life, Hrithik comes across as a weak man.


Watch any of his interviews and you’ll find him eager to please the interviewer. He says all the right things, he avoids saying things that might ruffle feathers, he smiles too much and nervously…in short, he
seems eager for the viewers’ approval.


Wanting people to like you is a sign of weakness. It turns women off.

In fact, women are attracted to the opposite kind of man. The man who wants nothing from the world, who doesn’t care about what the world thinks of him, who treads his own path,  whether or not the world approves. The man who does what pleases him, not what pleases the world. In short, man who does not give a f**k.

It’s no wonder Hrithik’s films are flopping at the box-office. Especially the films in which he plays the romantic lead and attracts a woman. Viewers just can’t believe that he can attract women.



What you can learn from Hrithik’s mistakes

Here’s what you can learn from Hrithik’s mistakes.

While it helps to have good looks, height, a great body, dancing skills, wealth, fame, etc. it’s NOT enough to attract quality women.

What really attracts women is a man’s inner qualities.

Qualities like not giving a damn about what others think of you is
more attractive to her than outer qualities like amazing looks or a
ton of money.


The next time you see a cute girl and think that she may not like
you because you are not tall enough, rich enough, good looking
enough or muscular enough…think of Hrithik Roshan and approach!


* When Kaho Na Pyaar Hai (his first film) released, he did attract a huge female fan following. But that was before they got to know the man behind the star. Thanks to talk shows and interviews, people got to know the real Hrithik, and soon his female fan following decreased.


Why kids like Hrithik : Kids don’t watch talk shows and interviews.
They watch movies and get influenced by the characters portrayed on screen. Hrithik’s superhero roles in Koi Mil Gaya and Krissh appealed to the sense of fantasy in kids and they liked him. Just as they like their superhero toys, plastic sports cars and Xbox game characters, none of which are REAL.


Why gays like Hrithik : Gays are MEN! And as we know, men go
only for LOOKS (whether in women or in men!).




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