How to get physical while sitting next to her


A dummies’ guide to getting physical with a
girl you’re sitting next to (example : in a movie theatre)

From the course material of the Real Man workshop


The most important thing to remember while getting physical with a girl is
to do it G-R-A-D-U-A-L-L-Y.

Women don’t like it if you rush it, or if you deviously plan it beforehand.

They like it best when it just happens.

Telling a woman, “Come over to my place and we’ll kiss” is not as appealing as
saying “Come over to my place and we’ll watch the DVD I was telling you about”.

She knows that watching the DVD might lead to kissing, but she prefers it
that way, when things just go with the flow.

So here is the step-by-step technique to get physical with a woman in a way that
makes her feel it just happened.

Inside the movie theater


  1. Don’t ask where she wants to sit. Hold her by the hand and LEAD her to
    the seats of your choice. Place your hand on the small of her back as you walk
    to your seats, she’ll love that. If she lets go of your hand or takes your hand
    off her back (which rarely happens), no problem. Don’t apologize. Be cool.
    With women, it’s always better to do something gutsy and withdraw, than
    to be afraid of doing it.

    What just happened?
    By holding her hand and leading her to the seats of your choice, you have 

    demonstrated the ability to lead. Women are attracted to men who lead.
  2. As soon as you sit, sniff the air in her direction and say,
    “Mmmm…that smells good. Is that your shampoo or perfume?”

    She : “Shampoo, perfume, blah, blah”

    You : “Come here, let me see”
    Part  her hair and smell the area of her neck below her ear.
    Let your nose and lips caress the area lightly as you smell. Take a deep breath
    and go “Mmmm…” as if you loved the fragrance.
    Then back off, lean back on your seat and continue watching the movie.

    What just happened?
    If  you simply ask her to come close without providing a reason, she may think you
    want to get physical (like a typical guy) and may refuse out of shyness. But you
    want her close only so you can check out her perfume, so she’s more likely to agree.
    As soon as your nose/lips touched her neck she thought you’re getting physical,
    but before she could object, you backed off. And now she’s confused. Why did
    he back off? Did he not like the fragrance? Do I have body odour? Does he
    not like me? Confusion is good for attraction.
  3. After about a minute, turn to her again and casually say,
    “Hey, how come you look taller than me?”
    Then compare heights by placing your palm once on your head and then
    on her’s, as if measuring the difference in heights.  Press on her head a couple
    of times and say, “Oh…it’s just your hair…it’s ballooned up and is making your
    head look bigger.”
    What just happened? You have initiated touching, without making her
    uncomfortable. And by suggesting that she has an abnormally sized head, you have
    lowered her value a bit, and raised your value relatively which is good for attraction.  ———————
  4. With your hand still over her head, continue to feel her hair between  your fingers,
    lightly caressing against her scalp. Say “Your hair is quite soft. What shampoo do
    you use?”
    She :“Blah, blah”
    You (still playing with hair) : “Hmmm…nice”

    Gradually move your hand (while still playing with her hair) to the back of her head.
    As if accidentally, brush your fingers on the back of her neck, while still playing with
    her hair. Then, very lightly caress the back of her neck. How lightly? As lightly as a
    feather brushing across skin.
    What just happened?
     You touched her for an apparently non-sexual reason.
    This allows her to be guilt-free, because it ‘just happened’. Women like it when
    touch begins non-sexually and then gradually becomes sexual.
  5. The back of the neck is one of her most erotic body parts. If she does not object to you
    caressing it for more than a few seconds*, she’s ready to be kissed. Pull her head close to
    you, gently suck her earlobes and kiss her neck. AVOID her lips for now. Then whisper
    into her ears, “You taste good” and then back off, and continue watching the movie.
    What just happened? You touched one of her most intimate parts. But because you
    did it gradually she did not get a chance to object. But now you’re rubbing her neck,
    and she’s thinking, “that’s sexual, I’m supposed to object to that” But before she objects,
    you have backed off, leaving her confused. “Why did he stop? Did he not like touching me?
    Is my skin too rough? Why did he stop??” As you know, confusion is good for attraction.
  6. After about 10 seconds, lean in and whisper into her ears,
    “I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now”
    Then sit back and continue watching the movie.

    What just happened? 
    When you lean in, she thinks you’re coming to kiss her again,
    and her defenses go up a bit, but then you just whisper into her ears and back off. This
    confuses her. She’s aroused. She wants you.

  7. After about 10 seconds, turn to her, gently pull her face close and
    kiss her on the mouth.
*If she appears uncomfortable when you caress the back of her neck,
(see point no.5 above) let go BEFORE she asks you to.  This way you’ll
still retain your power, 
and you can then initiate touching again later.