Question : “She kissed me, then she dumped me…what’s going on?!”


Question from reader :

I loved a girl ..she also loved day I  kissed that girl and she co-operated with me for the kiss..but after that she said to me, “I dont like this type of behaviour, I didn’t know you are that type of bad person”.. and she rejected me and stopped calling me or taking my calls…one day i called her and she said “Don’t call me again, I have fallen in love with another boy”…then she said to me simply “I want to leave you”….I asked her why and she just said “I hate that kissing”…now what I should do..she is studying in intermediate..was she too young to enjoy the kiss or is the problem something else?  plz tell me sir…..what should i do..I want that girl.

– Harris, Hyderabad




***My response***


My guess is, either you have bad breath or you are a bad kisser.

Or both.


Most guys think kissing is just a small step on the way to getting
inside a girl’s pants.

Actually it’s a CRITICAL step.

It can make or break your chances of having sex.


Women have told me they sometimes decide to sleep with a guy
but after just 1 kiss, they get turned off and  come up with an
excuse. “I have a boyfriend” she says, or “You’re a good friend,
lets not spoil our friendship.”

Or in extreme cases (like in your case) she even ends the relationship.

Sometimes the opposite happens. A woman decides she’ll only
kiss the guy and not proceed further. But the way he kisses her
makes her lose all control and she wants to have sex with him.


That’s why we don’t just teach how to attract women at our workshops,
but also how to make love to them (including kissing lessons).


Here are the top Do’s & Don’ts about being a good kisser :


Do’s & Don’ts of being a good kisser

  • At first, let her lead
    The biggest mistakes men make with the first kiss is: they move too
    aggressively, too intimately, too fast.  Start gently, wait for her to
    invite you in. If she kisses gently, you kiss gently too. As she increases
    the intensity, you do the same. She leads, you follow.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to insert tongue
    Don’t shove your entire tongue into her mouth at the start. Sexually
    ignorant guys do that. At first only touch your lips to her lips. After
    she is aroused, lightly lick her lower lip and if she parts her lips in
    response, then slide your tongue in, but just a bit. If she welcomes your
    tongue by opening her mouth wider, slide more of the tongue in. But if
    she does not open her mouth wider, back off, continue kissing the outside
    of her lips. And try again later.
  • Avoid bad breath
    It’s the no.1 mood killer for women! If you’re not sure of your breath,
    pop a mint in your mouth before you kiss (in fact, even if you’re sure
    of your breath, pop a mint).
  • Avoid drooling
    Another kissing turn-off for women is when a man slobbers all over her
    with his saliva. Make sure your mouth is not overly wet. If it is, swallow
    your saliva before kissing.
  • Hold her head like a man
    A sensual way to kiss a woman is to hold her head and neck in such a way
    that her head relaxes into your hands. It’s a masculine gesture, it’s like
    taking charge of the moment, and women are turned on by that.
  • Don’t plan ahead, stay in the moment
    For men a kiss is just a step that takes him closer to sex. But for a woman,
    a kiss can be complete by itself, she can be fulfilled by just a great kiss.
    Even if you’re kissing with the hope of getting inside her pants, don’t make
    it obvious. Women can tell when a man is scheming his next “move” as he
    kisses her. Enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the kiss for the kiss itself without
    expecting to go further, and it will help you actually get further. 😉
  • Advanced tip : delay the kiss
    A good move before you start kissing her is to show that you’re in no
    hurry. Gently push any hair out of her face; it makes her feel that you
    really want to see all of her face, which makes her feel good and more
    responsive to your kiss. Another idea is to tell her, “I won’t kiss you,
    I’ll just smell you”
    then smell her face and neck with your nose and lips
    grazing (barely!) her skin, while you whisper, “Mmmm, you smell good”.
    Then, when she’s really aroused, you start kissing her.


About the girl you’re interested in, my frank advice :  forget her and move on.

A woman doesn’t forget (or forgive) a bad kiss.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.



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