woman sitting by herself

You’re in a nightclub. You see this woman sitting by herself.

Would you go and talk to her?

What would you say?

The biggest frustration of men when it comes to
starting conversations with women is the question:
What do I say to her?!

You see a beautiful woman.
You know she’s by herself.
There’s no boyfriend, no husband, no interruptions.
All you have to do is walk up and talk.

But you can’t, because you don’t know what to say to her.
Even if you walk up and say "Hi", you don’t know what to say after that.
And so you just don’t approach!

I know the feeling, because I have been there.
Many times.I would see a beautiful woman sitting by herself.
But I would freeze because I didn’t know what to say to her.

At home I had practiced a dozen routines…
yet when I actually SAW her in front of me, I would blank out completely.

Soon the girl would get up and walk away.
Or some other guy would walk up and talk to her :(
And I would kick myself for days afterwards.
This happened again. And again. And again. Then…I tried an idea that solved my problem.

The idea that solved my problem.

I started keeping a little notebook in my backpocket.

In it I scribbled the EXACT lines I would use with the woman.

Right from opening conversations to creating attraction to disqualifying her…all the way to exchanging phone numbers.

I also scribbled powerful confidence building thoughts that drove out any shitty thoughts of fear that got into my head when I entered the venue.

Just before entering the venue, I would glance through my notebook.Then I would walk in and…free flow.

Having these routines and affirmations in my backpocket not only gave me quick access to them anytime I wanted, it also gave me a calm confidence.

My problem was solved.

If only I had such a resource when I first started, I would have avoided hundreds of missed opportunities and years of wasted time.

Now this powerful idea is available to YOU!

I have redesigned my original notebook, added more kickass material to it and created the PocketPUA™.

The material has been arranged in the exact sequence that the mating game works.

So that you know exactly what to say first, what to say next, what to say after that and so on.

There are also weblinks that you can click to get even more material from our web site.

The PocketPUA™ is as small as a business card but it’s PACKED tight with attraction material…right from opening conversations to phone number exchange tips. And more!

Slip it into your pocket (or wallet) and browse through it whenever you need it.

You’ll never again face the frustration of wondering "What do I say?"


Just having it in my pocket has reduced the incidents of me panicking and forgetting my material.

Bootcamp student

What does the PocketPUA™ contain?


The PocketPUA™ is packed with material for every step from opening conversations to phone number exchange, along with powerful confidence-building affirmations and approaching tips.The front contains the Mindset of an attractive man, which is a list of 8 powerful affirmations that help push away the demons of fear that try to hold you back from approaching. You can read them in under a minute.

The back contains Approaching Basics, a checklist of 7 critical things a guy must do for a successful approach; miss even one of them and your approach will not be at full power.

Inside are step-by-step routines from opening a conversation, creating attraction, disqualifying & qualifying her…right up to exchanging phone numbers. It also contains 7 games & tricks, 4 cold reading routines and 4 kiss-close routines . There is also a full sequence that contains the entire sequence from opening…all the way up to the phone number exchange. The exact words and routines you can use. And all of it packed into a tool the size of a business card!

There is also a Helper that contains Dating tips, Phone tips, How to respond to common googlies from women (like "I have a boyfriend", "What is your age?", "What do you do?", "Do you have a girlfriend?"). It also contains conversation topics, and tips for getting physical without making her uncomfortable.

There are also web links that lead you to more material on our website if you’re interested, for no cost.

You get 3 PocketPUAs



Use this if you’re just starting out to learn the skill of approaching and connecting with women. Contains low-key material that can work in all kinds of situations.



Use this if you already have good experience of approaching women. It contains material that is edgy and works best with super hot women.



Contains tips and ideas for various situations. For example…

  • 12 Do’s & Don’ts for a successful date Example : Always arrive 5 minutes late at a date, greet everyone else and then greet her.
  • 15 Ideas to get physical without making her uncomfortable Example : When you get up to make a phone call gently pressing her knee as if to say ‘I’ll be right back’.
  • 7 conversation generating ideas Example: Use the question game to have a great conversation.
  • 8 common googlies from women and how to respond to them Example: How to respond when she says, "I have a boyfriend"

Frequently asked questions

What is the PocketPUA?
The PocketPUA contains material for opening conversations and taking it forward right up to the phone number exchange. It is the size of a business card and easily fits into your pocket or your wallet. Go through it once before you leave home in the evening. You can quickly glance at it wherever you are, whether at a bar, a coffee shop, at a party, in an airport lounge, in a shopping mall, at a business conference, inside a plane, anywhere you see a beautiful woman and don't know what to say.
Will I always have to depend on the PocketPUA?
Not really. This is like a backup plan. Gradually, you will internalize the material at a deep level in your brain, and you won't need it any more. I still carry the PocketPUA even though I've internalized most of it. It just stays in my wallet. Just in case I ever need it, it's there.
Is this all I need to get a woman?
No. The PocketPUA is not a magic tool that will get you the woman just by reading lines from it. You also need confident body language and voice tone. Unfortunately just confident body language and voice tone is not usually enough to open sets and take things forward. You also need interesting material that engages her emotional mind. What the PocketPUA does is provide you with the material for various stages of picking up a woman, from opening conversations to exchanging phone numbers.
I just downloaded it and got 3 PocketPUAs. Should I carry all 3?
Carry just one of the PocketPUAs. If you're a beginner, carry the STARTER. If you have good experience approaching women, carry the EXPERT. The HELPER can stay at home, and you can browse through it for ideas from time to time.
Will you post me the PocketPUA™ or do I download it?
You have to download the PocketPUA. After downloading, print it out and fold it as per the directions provided. We will NOT be posting a hard copy of it to your address.
How do I use the PocketPUA™ ?

When you open the PocketPUA, you'll see 5 sections marked 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

These are the steps Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5....the exact sequence in which the mating game works, with any woman anywhere in the world.

Only when you go through these stages, one by one, does she become comfortable with you and wants to get to know you and give you her NUMBER or want to date you.

Even when there are no women around, study the PocketPUA, go through the material and imagine in your mind saying it to a woman. Study it until the material is internalized in your brain.

Just before you enter a social venue (coffee shop, wedding, party etc) glance through the PocketPUA for a quick reminder.

You can even refer to it in the middle of the interaction. Suppose you have created attraction and now you want some material to qualify her. No problem. Open the PocketPUA, glance through the Qualify section, pick a few qualifiers and you're back in the game!

Why is some of the material in short form? And why have you used small font size?
That's because we have tried to pack in as much material as we can into a small tool. Remember, the PocketPUA is NOT meant to be used as an instruction manual. It's meant to be used as a quick reminder. For example : If your mom asks you to get some salt, sugar and tea powder from the store, and you scribble down a quick list to help you remember. Would you write "Get some salt, get some sugar, get some Brooke Bond tea"? Or would you write "Salt, sugar, tea". The PocketPUA is like the latter list, with lots of content but presented in a way that helps you quickly understand what needs to be said.
How much does it cost and how do I get one?

The PocketPUA™ is worth at least Rs.800/-, but we want to make it affordable to every guy. For ONLY a few days,we're offering this for a limited, super-low price of Rs.399 ONLY!

After that, the price is going up!

Free trial! Try it for 7 days 100% risk free

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You get the PocketPUA for no cost if you've taken a bootcamp, workshop or eCoaching from Real Man Academy, If you haven't got it, please email support@realman.in from the same email address that you had used to sign up for coaching.


Don’t Decide Now…
Try the PocketPUA™ RISK FREE For 7 Days

I have spent hundreds of thousands of rupees and years of my life going out to meet women and then blanking out when I actually enter the venue. The PocketPUA has been a priceless tool in helping me recall my material step-by-step.

I am absolutely sure it's going to help you too. That’s why I’m going to offer it to you RISK FREE so you have a chance to read it, try it and see the value for yourself.

Simply click on the below button, download and read the PocketPUA™, and if you don’t see IMMEDIATE results, write "cancel PocketPUA" in the confirmation email that you will receive, within 7 days and I'll give you a full refund. You are not risking anything!

I truly want to help transform your success rate with women. I get emails every day from guys who’ve used the PocketPUA to DRAMATICALLY increase their success rate with attracting women, and I want you to have that success too.

Try the PocketPUA™ FREE and here's what you'll get...

  1. PocketPUA STARTER (for those learning to approach)
  2. PocketPUA EXPERT (for those who are experienced with approaching)
  3. PocketPUA HELPER (invaluable Do's & Dont's and tips for various stages in the attraction process, which I learnt the hard way)

Stop worrying about what to say to
beautiful women. Get the PocketPUA now!

Free Trial

Regular Price Rs. 800/- today only Rs.399/-

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