What should come first…sex or relationship?


Many guys believe they cannot have sex with a woman until
they are first in a committed relationship with her.


They think they have to first woo her, buy her gifts, take her out
to dinners, convince her of what great husband-material he is and
listen to her problems till early in the morning before they can
hope to get physical with her.


And more high quality the woman (beautiful, intelligent and
from a good family), the more strongly guys feel the need to
have a relationship first and sex later.


Wrong thinking.


Women love sex and enjoy having casual sex with a
chilled out, confident guy who will not judge them for it.

Yes, even beautiful high-quality women from good families.

Yes, even virgins.


In fact if you focus on building a relationship first and postpone
sex, it makes her think sex is a big deal for you.

And guess what, it becomes a big deal for her too and sex gets
further delayed.


Remember, sex is a perfectly normal activity in nature.

Males and females of every animal and bird species have sex.

And the lion doesn’t wait until he is in a relationship with the
lioness to have sex with her. And it’s always the lion who makes
the first move.


So when you delay sex, you’re behaving abnormal.

And this makes her uneasy.

She’ll want to move away from you. Our natural instincts make us
want to move away from abnormal people.


In other words, she’ll want to dump you.


So focus on having sex before you get into a relationship. This will
not only make sex happen sooner, you will also be in charge of
where to take the relationship (girlfriend, lover or wife).


Important disclaimer!

Focussing on sex first does NOT mean being desperate for sex.

In fact, it means the opposite.

It means you think sex is no big deal.

It means you’re choosy about who to have sex with.

It means you believe you’re the prize and women chase you
(not the other way round).