Why men jump into bed more readily than women (hint : sex can kill a woman)


Women want sex as much as men do.

Then why don’t they jump into bed as easily as men?

Why do women insist on knowing a man well before getting intimate with him?

The answer lies in evolution.


For millions of years, our ancestors lived in jungles as hunter-gatherer tribes.

This deep-level conditioning still determines our most basic instincts.


When a woman gets pregnant in the jungle, during the following 9 months, she is completely vulnerable. She is physically incapable of hunting for food, she can’t protect herself from wild animals or enemy tribes, and she cannot shield herself from harsh weather.


She needs a man who will go out and hunt for food, protect her from danger, and build a shelter for her and her baby.


If her partner abandons her after sex, both she and her baby are likely to die in the harsh jungle conditions.


Even if her partner stayed with after sex, but if he was not capable of providing for her or protecting her, her survival is still at risk.


Sex with the wrong man could be a deadly mistake.


That’s why sex was a big deal for a woman then.


And those MILLION year old instincts cannot be overwritten by a few thousand years of dwelling outside jungles.


That’s why, even today, women are more attracted to a man’s inner qualities like confidence, strength and resourcefulness than to his physical appearance (now you know why she is more attracted to the ordinary looking guy who has the courage to approach her than to the handsome hunk who does not).


Unlike for a woman, sex is not risky for a man.

He does not get pregnant. He does not get a bulging tummy, and after birthing, he does not have to spend time and energy feeding and protecting the baby until it is grown. He never has to pay a price for having sex. So he doesn’t bother about a woman’s inner qualities before mating with her. That’s why,  most men will readily jump into bed with an anonymous woman.


Note : Condoms and birth control pills are relatively recent inventions. Our deepest instincts are still shaped by the millions of years in the jungle, when sex invariably led to pregnancy.