Carry a knife



When you go out with a girl, carry a knife.


Carrying a weapon says a few things about you that are good for attraction.


  • It says you probably live a dangerous life; and that
    intrigues her. Intrigue and mystery is good for attraction.
  • It says you have the courage to fight the bad guys.
  • It says you’re willing to take risks.
  • It says you protect your loved ones.
  • It makes her feel safe with you.


Every high-value male in the history of the world has always
carried some physical weapon on his person.


These powerful leaders hardly ever needed a personal weapon because
they had an army of bodyguards protecting them all the time.

But they realized the importance of a weapon to project a high-value image.


If you think times have changed, and we live in a safer world now,
open any newspaper and browse the Crimes section.


Remember this recent crime that shocked us all?

If even one of the 4 victims had carried a weapon, all 4 of them would
have been alive today.


In most of the crimes, the victims are unarmed and totally vulnerable.
When faced with a threatening situation, just reaching into your pocket
and bringing out a weapon (any weapon, any size) is usually enough to
make the attacker back off.


When you’re out with a girl it’s your responsibility to protect her.

Carry a little knife. And let her casually know that you’re carrying one.

Tell her you always carry one, to protect your friends and loved ones.

If she asks you to show it, say, “it’s not a toy”,  and change the topic calmly.

If she insists, take it out, show it to her and put it back calmly. Then,
continue with the conversation as if it was no big deal.

This will increase her attraction for you.

It could also save your lives.



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