What you can learn about attraction from a 77 year old man


Look at the below pic. Notice anything unusual?


Notice where the man is kissing the girl.


Behind her ear, on the neck!


That’s an erogenous zone, and you only kiss a girl there
in intimate, private moments.


This 77 year old grandpa politician was supposed to quietly
give her the award, give her a polite peck  on the cheek and
walk away quietly.


But he broke the rules.


By kissing her on the neck he sent her 2 clear messages :

  1. I desire you
  2. I know how to treat a woman in bed


As you would expect, the photo has gone viral and the man has
received much criticism world wide.


But I can tell you this : he has made the girl feel feelings that she
hasn’t felt in a long time.


Even if she has a young boyfriend, chances are, he has not kissed
her there. At least not as much as she would like.


Because, most young men are in such a hurry for intercourse,
they don’t take the time to kiss a woman in places where she really
wants to be kissed.


What’s the lesson in this?

Break the rules!


There is no law that says you can only kiss a woman on the
cheek, else you will be arrested. 🙂


When you are introduced to a girl, or when you meet her
on the first date, don’t just kiss on the cheek, kiss her just
below, on the neck.


That tells her 2 things :

  1. I desire you
  2. I know how to treat a woman in bed


Note : You may not be able to kiss her behind the ear as the man in
the pic is
doing (he probably pretended to say something in her ear
cheekily planted a kiss instead) but it’s easy to kiss her neck :
just go for the cheek, and at the last moment, go below the cheek
and kiss her neck.


Here’s the complete news story (if you’re interested)



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