Just received this message from a girl


A girl just sent me this message.


“I hv been missing u since u stopped calling… dnt kno wats wrong with me.
Y u came to me n y u walked off all of a sudden???”



I had approached her while she was browsing at a store.

We talked for a bit and I left with her phone number.

Later we exchanged a few messages and then we met once
(I took her window shopping for shirts “Hey, I’m going to pick up
some shirts, you 
want to come help me?”)

A few days after that, we met in a hotel room and had sex.

She was not a great lover, and her pillow talk was boring.

After the encounter, I gradually lost interest in her and
I gradually stopped calling and texting her.

Today, she sent me the above message.


So what are the lessons here :

  1. Attraction defies logic
    This is a beautiful girl with lots of options with men.
    But as soon as she felt attraction, it did not matter how many
    guys were chasing her…she forgot them all, and focussed
    only on me. Btw, I did not walk away “all of a sudden” as
    she says. I did it gradually. Much more gradually than girls
    do when they dump guys. 😉 She feels it was “sudden” because
    the attraction level was so high.
  2. Only after she feels attraction can she think of sex
    Most guys think about how to get physical before they have
    created attraction. Bad idea. She can only feel a sexual desire
    after she feels mentally attracted to you.
    Btw, you may think that just because she agreed to meet in
    a hotel room, she is a loose kind of girl. She is not. In fact,
    at first she flatly refused to meet in a hotel. She found the
    idea “sleazy”. But that was her good girl thinking. As I
    engaged her bad girl side, she became more comfortable
    with the idea. 
  3. When you create attraction, you get to choose
    I lost attraction for her soon after the encounter. She was
    a lousy lover and I could not have an intelligent conversation
    with her (at least one of those two things needs to happen
    for me to stay interested in a girl).
    Most guys would think I am crazy for being so choosy. Well,
    when you have options, you can be choosy (just like girls are
    choosy when they have options with guys). I can now choose
    whether I want to see her once in a while, marry her, or just
    move on and find somebody better.


Note : To some of the female readers of this blog who will now
scold me for “playing with a girl’s emotions”, please 
spare me
the drama. 🙂 The sms message the girl sent me 
is the SAME kind
message that guys send when girls dump them.
When a girl loses attraction for a guy, she usually doesn’t give
a damn. She just moves on in search of 
a better guy.
Why can’t guys do the same? 



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