What to do when she refuses your kiss



The first time you go to kiss a girl, she will usually resist or
decline your kiss. It’s normal female behaviour.


She may turn away her face or block your lips with her hand
or she may say “this is wrong, we should not do this”, etc.


Inexperienced men see this as rejection.

They think she’s not interested in getting physical.

So they beg her for a kiss, or they take it personally and get
upset and angry.


But experienced men see this as normal.

They know it is actually easier to kiss a woman AFTER
she refuses to kiss the first time.


Why is it easier to kiss a girl after she refuses?

There is a reason.


When a woman gets physically intimate with a man, she’s actually
taking a huge risk.

If the man turns out to be a low value male, sex with him could kill her.

Even if she survives, she may end up raising a child with low value genes.

Not good. Nature does not like that.


That’s why Nature has wired her to hesitate just before she gets physical.

She hesitates because she’s unsure if he’s the right man to have sex with.

(and by the way, the hesitation happens regardless of whether she’s
dating the man or if it’s her wedding night)


She decides based on your reaction

After refusing your kiss she observes your reaction.

Depending on your reaction she decides her next step.


If you beg for a kiss or get upset and angry, it signals to her that sex is a
big deal for you. Which means you must be sexually frustrated. Which means
you have no women in your life. Which means you’re probably a LOW VALUE
male and she should avoid sex with you. This makes her lose attraction for
you, and makes her want to get up and go home.


On the other hand, if you act like it’s no big deal when she refuses your kiss,
it signals all the right things. If sex is no big deal for you, you must be having a
lot of sex, which means you already have women in your life, which means
other women have tested and approved you, which means you’re probably a
HIGH VALUE male that she can safely have sex with. This makes her want to
stay and take things further with you.


Remember : It’s your reaction to her refusal that tells her if you are high or low value.


So what should you do when she refuses your kiss the first time?


Nothing. Don’t react. Just resume talking to her as if it was no big deal.
After a while, go for the kiss again. If she refuses again, no big deal, resume
talking as if it’s no big deal. After a while, go for the kiss again.


It’s this no-big-deal vibe that breaks through her defenses and makes
her comfortable enough to surrender to your advances.


TIP : The way to reduce the chances of her refusing the kiss is to create
a lot of attraction before you go for the kiss.


NOTE (for the dorky guys reading this blog) :  If a woman clearly
tells you that 
she is NOT interested or if she walks away when you
try to kiss her, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Do not chase 
her and do not
continue to get physical. That’s against the law. She could complain
and you could go to jail. The suggestion I have given above is only
to be used if
she does not walk away, and continues to talk to you and
is still interested in the conversation, even after you
 try to kiss her.


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