Useful tip for men who have got the girl




I just got off the phone with a former client.


He called to invite me to his wedding in December.


When he came for the bootcamp, he desperately wanted to attract his office

colleague, a hot babe that every guy in the company, including his boss,

was drooling over.


At the time he  felt unworthy of her.  He was eager to date her, but deep down

he felt she was beyond his league. His words before the bootcamp : “Woh meri

aukaat se baahar hain”


Now he was getting married to her. 🙂


He gushed his thanks on the phone, excited that he finally “got her”.


Not yet, I warned him.


Getting the girl is half the success. Keeping her attracted is the other half.


Many men relax after they get the girl (girlfriend or wife).


They stop working on their attraction.


They think it’s not necessary any more.


That’s a mistake.


Remember, women are wired by nature to be with a real man.


As long as he conducts himself like one, she is relaxed and calmly focuses

on her job, on raising her family, on giving him great blowjobs.


But when he stops behaving like one, she gets antsy and irritable.

Her natural wiring does not permit her to stay with a low value man.

Sex with a low-value male can kill her, remember?

Her focus shifts. She starts seeking another man.


And yes, it even happens with shy women from conservative Indian communities.


Even if she does not actively seek an affair, she no longer enjoys sex with

her partner.  Gradually she starts resenting it and stops having sex with him



So what should a man do?


Simple. Continue to stay the real man, even after getting the girl.


Every 2-3 weeks, let her know that you have options, and can get other

women if you want.


Not by saying it in words or by having an affair to prove it.

But by demonstrating it when you are out together in a social situation.


Example :

I sometimes see couples in a coffee shop. She throws a tantrum over a silly matter

and the guy whines “What happened sweetheart? Why are you upset? Tell me no?”

Or, the other extreme, guy huffs out of coffee shop, breaking down all communication.


Both extremes are low value behaviours.


Both show that the guy was affected by the girl’s tantrums.


Men who get affected are not attractive to women.


Tease her instead.

With mock disgust, say “I don’t think this relationship is going to work out” ,

lean over to the next table and ask “Excuse me, are you a divorce lawyer?”

They’ll usually say no. Roll your eyes with mock disappointment, and tell her

“Let’s go find a lawyer” and huff out of the coffee shop in mock exasperation.

Then take her to her favourite dessert place. 😉


So how does that help to create attraction? Let me break it down.

  • When you say “this relationship is not going to work out” you are
    displaying strength by refusing to suck up to her. Strength is attractive.
  • By connecting with the next table’s occupants you display social
    confidence which is attractive to both your girl and the girls at
    the next table.
  • When you display social confidence (and we do it a lot in our bootcamps)
    you’ll notice people at all the other adjoining tables regard you as high
    value because they think you know people around, they think you’re
    a well connected person.
  • Your girl notices the girls at the other tables giving you the eye, which
    creates some jealousy in her, which is excellent for attraction. It also
    makes her want to stop sulking and focus on holding on to you before
    another girl takes you away.
  • When people at the next table notice that you’re teasing your woman
    they smile and join the fun, and that makes your girl feel a little low value,
    and that automatically, makes her see you as high value. More attraction. 🙂
  • Because you got the spotlight on your table, people are noticing the
    two of you. This puts the pressure on your girl to stop sulking and put
    on a more social and positive attitude. Sulking problem solved. 😉


When you continue to tease a woman, when you keep her guessing about what

comes next, when you stay unaffected by her tantrums, it keeps her attraction alive.


When you conduct yourself like a real man (it’s what we teach at our workshops

and bootcamps), she’ll see that women are attracted to you wherever you

go, and men everywhere see you as a high value male.


This calms her. She stops looking elsewhere.


So, here’s a question for you.


When can you stop behaving like a real man?


5 years after marriage? 10 years? 50 years?


The answer is : NEVER


When you stop acting like a real man, she stops getting attracted to you. Simple.


Besides, once you know how to be a real man, why would you ever want to be any less?



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