Question : “How to attract women who are in a relationship?”


Question from reader :

Hi Shiva, thanks for your great tips. They have really helped me to reach from the ditch to the top. But I still have couple of hesitations ( I know you would say forget about them). I can talk to girls who are friends of my friends, flirt with them and I’ve been able to sleep with some of them.

But when it comes to girls who are 1) working in my office  or 2) girls who are already in relationship, I cant talk to them.  About office colleagues I know that I have to work with them so if things wont work out it will be awkward, and about the girls who are already in relationship should I make move when they are already engaged. If your answer is yes then please give me a simple example.

– A.A., Mumbai——–


***My response***


So you can talk to women, create attraction and have sex with them.

That’s awesome.


But you’re reluctant to do it with female colleagues at work. That’s
probably a good thing. An office affair is not a great idea. If things go
bad and you are no more a couple, it’s usually awkward interacting
with her. And that affects the company’s productivity. Not cool.


My advice : flirt with your female colleagues, make them attracted to
you, but don’t sleep with them. Just use them for practice.

In fact it’s easy to practice your game on a woman that you don’t want
to sleep with. Wanting nothing from a woman is a great mindset to have
while running game.

You could also go out with her and meet her girlfriends, and get a whole
new set of women to play with. 😉

You could also take along one of your single guy friends and set him up
with your female colleague while you run your game on her girlfriends
(of course, make sure you teach him some attraction basics first).

Another fun thing to do is tell your female colleague, “We need to find
you a cool boyfriend” then take her to a club* and play a game of
matchmaking. She points out a hot guy and you bring him over and help
them meet (girls have approach anxiety too).  Then you switch, and she
brings over the hottie you point out.


About girls who are engaged to be married.

Wtf  dude?! You have the skill to talk yourself into single girls’ panties.
But you’re more interested in girls who are engaged?!

Now you’re being the TYPICAL male : less interested in the girls you can get
and more interested in that ONE girl who is a challenge.

Get over it. Don’t play with the emotions of a girl who is committed to a guy,
when you’re clearly not serious about her. It’ll just be bad karma all around.

Why go after women in a relationship, when there are plenty of quality
single girls.

Remember, this is a skill that gives you great power. And with great
power comes great responsibility.


* Especially to a club that does not allow stags. Those are the clubs with
the hottest women.

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