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Question from a woman : “Why do men need these mind games?”

I hope you don’t mind questions from female readers because I have one and I’ll be
frank. I recently came across your blog and and I was curious about the advice you
give men. Why do men need to play these ridiculous mind games and use silly lines to
attract a a woman. The key to finding your true love is to just be authentic. Just be
yourself. Thats anyday more attractive than men with a bunch of pickup lines.

-R.R., Bengaluru



You know what, men would love to be themselves.

Men would love to be authentic.

Men would love to walk up to a beautiful woman and say, “I am attracted to you.
Let’s exchange numbers, so we can meet later and have wild, passionate sex.”

But it won’t work.

Even if he says something tame like, “I want to take you out for coffee, let’s exchange
numbers and I’ll call you”,
it still won’t work.

And do you know why it won’t work?

Because the guy is making himself too easily available.

And women don’t value that.

Nothing in this world has value unless you have to work for it.

No matter how authentic, sincere, talented or interesting a man, he cannot
trigger attraction in a woman unless she finds herself working for his approval.

Women want a man who is a challenge.

And that’s what we try to teach every man.

We teach him how to be a challenge, so that a woman is intrigued enough to want to
give him the time of day to display his authentic self.

Remember, these are women’s rules. We are merely playing by them. 😉




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