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Question from reader : “Does this pickup thing work on Indian women?”

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Question from reader :

hey guys,  i know most of the pickup methods by reading their books , watching videos but there is still 1 thing my mind doesn’t accept “IS THIS APPLICABLE IN INDIA TOO?” unlike the west where people including women have independent n open mind. i m above average looking guy, funny, don’t have much experience of approaching (i approached when i first came to know pickup  method in malls, didn’t work well, I said my cheezy pickup line to 3 women and they replied coldly “what…do i know u??? “ i never approached after that day, fear is all over my mind n think abt the same very question everyday). in case these pickup methods are applicable in india, can u tell specifically abt approaching girls in the open (streets) standing or walking to some place like in buses, parks, shops etc.

– m, new delhi


I can usually tell whether a guy’s question comes  from actual approaching experience or from his imagination. And my guess is you’re imagining negative scenarios without approaching much. 🙂


I know because I have been there. I have spent months looking at women from a distance wondering why would they want to talk to a complete stranger like me?!


But the good news is, women do respond to the man who approaches the right way.

And this is true in the US, in Europe, in India, in Nepal and in the Bahamas. Also in Timbuktu.


So what is the right way to approach?

The right way is to show that you are already having fun and that you don’t need her (or anybody else) to have a good time. Your body language and voice tone should display more interest in what you have to say than in her and her friends.


You say you used a “cheezy pickupline”. I don’t know what line you used, but remember :  the magic is not in the words, it’s in the delivery.

If a comedian walks up on stage and reads out his material from a script, it will NOT be funny.

Only when he is really involved in his material and is really telling it to his audience that it becomes funny.

My guess is you’re not connecting with the girls. You’re just blurting out your lines and hoping it works, like some magic mantra.


Some suggestions for you :

  1. Stop using cheesy pickup lines, and get some interesting material to start conversations with women. There are thousands of pickup routines you can google for free. Or try our popular PocketPUA, a collection of great routines that work in India.
  2. When you first talk to a woman,  don’t show that you’re attracted to her (even if you are). Talk to her, show her that you’re an interesting guy without hitting on her. Only (and only) after she reveals something about her inner qualities, something that she was not born with, something that has taken her some effort to achieve,  only then should you show your curiosity and interest in her. Make her earn your attraction, don’t hand it on a platter. Hint : Low-value males are attracted to just looks. High value males are not easily attracted, they need more than just looks.
  3. Body language and voice tone are two important indicators of whether a man is high-value or low-value. Here’s a quick tip for each. Body language tip : When you first talk to her, don’t face her directly, talk over your shoulder. Voice tip : Speak loudly, slowly and clearly. Make sure everyone in her group hear you.