How to open a girl in a book store (tip # 118)

Book stores are one of my favourite places to pickup girls.

Girls here are usually intelligent (they read!) and well-informed, so hanging out with her when she becomes my girlfriend, is not boring.

I walk up to cute girl browsing book and say…

Me (with hint of surprise): “What book are you reading?”

I turn the book a bit to see title/author and say with a shocked look…

Me : “I wrote that book!!!”

She’s usually shocked and speechless.

She : blah, blah…

Me (smiling): “Just kidding…you fell for that didn’t u? It’s so easy to fool you. *rolling my eyes* So tell me, what’s a good book to gift a friend who is learning Yoga?”

And you’re talking…

Replace ‘yoga’ with ‘cooking’ or ‘reiki’ or whatever book category the girl is at.


The paradox of attraction


When you stop kissing up to women, and start teasing them without

worrying about whether they like you, you will OFTEN hear things

like “you’re so mean” and “stop it!” etc.


They get upset and usually don’t know the reason why.


The reason they get upset is that they cannot CONTROL the situation.


The result is a paradox. They are feeling attraction for you while

they’re saying things like “you’re so mean”.



The hotter the babe, the more unusual your approach needs to be

The hotter the babe, the more she has been approached, the more she is tired of lame pickup lines, the stronger the shield against casual approaches, the more the skill you’ll need, the less attached you have to become to the outcome, hence greater the need for unusual approaches.

In other words, if she is really hot, then casually walking up to her and saying “Hi” will not work as effectively as walking upto her and saying “You need to smile more, nobody will talk to you otherwise”.

Hotter the babe, riskier the approach.


Women notice you long before you approach

Women notice you long before you approach

If you wait before you approach, if you fidget and twitch, if you catch
her eye and look away, if you wait for the ‘right’ moment…you blew it!

Women notice you waaaaay before you actually approach.

Every girl wants a guy with the CONFIDENCE to approach her like a man.

If you HESITATE before approaching, she won’t be as attracted to you.

Try this : Practice approaching a girl as SOON as you see her, without hesitation.

Don’t worry about what to say. It can be something as simple as
“Hi, I saw you from over there, and I had to come talk to you. I’m Girish”.

Don’t wait, just approach.

This SIMPLE step will skyrocket your success with women.


The worst thing you can tell a woman

TELLING a woman “I like you” is one of the WORST things you can
possibly do when you’re trying to attract her.

Show her that you like her by physically escalating.

Don’t tell her that with words.


Btw, telling her “I love you” is way worse!


While approaching a woman don’t stare at her

While approaching a woman to talk to her, don’t stare at her.

Even if she’s not looking at you directly, she can sense your stare.

Women find this creepy.

Not good.

When I approach, I act as if I’m looking around for something and
am about to ask for directions.

Once you get to her, you definitely want to give her eye contact.
But before you get to her, look away for a bit.