Avoid doing this when you call her the first time



After getting a woman’s number, most guys will call
the next day and try to take things further.


He’ll try to fix up a date for coffee or dinner, or he’ll invite her
to an event, or for a long drive. In some way or the other he’ll try
to escalate things so that he gets to meet her soon.


Don’t do that. Don’t be in a hurry to hang out with her.

It communicates all the wrong things about you. It says…


  • That you have no women in your life
    If you already have gorgeous, high-quality, fun girls in your life,
    why would you actively make plans to hang out with a random girl
    you just met?
  • That you’re not choosy
    Why would you be so eager to hang out with a girl you barely know?
    Why are  you not selective about who you spend time with? Is it because
    you have no options?
  • That you have too much time on your hands
    If you are already leading a fun and exciting life, why would you put aside your
    valuable time and energy for a girl who has not yet proven to be fun and exciting?
  • That you’re just average
    By calling her and trying to set up a meeting immediately, you’re doing exactly
    what the last 12 guys before you did. You’re just like the rest. You’re average.


So… what should you do when you first call her?

  • Make her laugh without wanting anything from her.
  • Demonstrate high value.
  • Let her know about some fun activity you’re going to do
    and DON’T invite her.
  • Say “I’ve to go, talk to you later” and *click* disconnect.


Here’s what I usually do on my first call.

Me : Heyyyyy, do you have a twin sister?

She : Uh..what?

Me : I was on my way back from the gym and I saw this
girl who looked exactly like you! Do you have a twin?

She : No, blah, blah…

Me : *phew* Thank goodness. I can barely handle one
of you, no way I can handle two!

She : laughs, blah, blah…

Me : So do you work out?

She : Yes, no, blah…

Me : (if she says yes) Wow, you have a tight ass?
(if she says no) So you have a paunch?! Oh no!

She : Blah, blah…

Me : You know what, I’d let you take me out for coffee,
but I’m not sure you’re smart enough to hang out with me.

She : Blah, blah…

Me : Ok, fine let me test your intelligence to see if you’re
really smart or just a buddhoo.

Then give her the buddhoo test.  She’ll usually fail.*

Me : OMG, you failed the buddhoo test?! I don’t think this
relationship is going to work out. You know, I am going for this
show at the Comedy Store on Saturday, I thought I’d take you along…
but now…NO WAY!

She : Laughs, blah…

Me : Hey, I have to take another call, I will call you back.

*Click, disconnect*

Then, I don’t call her back.



Be the guy who is different from the rest.

Don’t be average.

Average men don’t get laid.

At least not by quality women.



* If she passes the buddhoo test (which rarely happens), just say
“Respect! You know, you seemed like a buddhoo when I first met
you, but NOW I’m kinda curious about you”