What you should do after getting her number


If you’ve been following this blog you know it’s not a good idea to leave immediately
after getting a woman’s phone number. It makes her feel you were only interested in
her number which often makes her lose attraction for you (which instantly makes the
number useless, as you will learn when you call later and she doesn’t answer, or does
not respond positively, or refuses to meet you again).

So what should you do after getting her number?
Here are a few ideas to solidify the number close,  and to make her look forward to your call.
  1. Stay back and talk for a few more minutes. Treat the number as if it’s no big deal.
    Continue teasing, displaying value, being fun and interesting.
  2. Roll your eyes and say, “Now don’t call me 20 times a day, I’ll call you”.
    Act like the ‘hot babe’ who is harassed by loser guys.
  3. When she gives you her number, dial it immediately, wait for her to answer and talk.

    (talking to her on phone) : “Hey, you’re not going to believe what just happened!”

    : “What”

    : “I met this girl at a Barista. She’s kinda cute, but I’m not really sure about her.
    I’m thinking of taking her to [xyz event] on Thursday. You think I should?”

    : “blah, blah”


Continue to be fun and interesting even after you get the number and you’ll be different
from the 99% of guys who leave as soon as they get the number.

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