Want to get dumped? Do her a favour.

Sometimes a guy meets a girl and finds her so hot
that he feels he does not deserve her.


He cannot even imagine dating her or having sex with her.


He feels the girl is meri aukaat ke baahar.


So instead of trying to attract her, he tries to impress her. 

He does her favours, buys her expensive gifts, tries to help
in her personal and professional life, even gives her cash
to solve her money problems.


Secretly, he hopes that by doing her favours, she will
begin to like him.


But the result is the opposite of what he expects!

Instead of getting attracted to him, she gets turned off and
can’t stand him any more.


That’s what happened between choreographer Ganesh Acharya 
and his assistant Daisy Shah.


Daisy was a junior dancer in his troupe, like many others.

She was hot and he was attracted to her. But instead of attracting her,
he did what most guys do in that situation.

He started doing her favours.


He made her chief assistant…bought her an apartment,
recommended her as heroine to directors.

Favour after favour after favour.


And what did he get in return?

Sex? Nope.

Kisses? Nope.

Make outs? Nope.


All he got was…





 …a KICK!


Not a real kick, an emotional one, but it hurts as bad.


As soon as Salman confirmed her for the movie Jai Ho,
Daisy deleted Ganesh from her life.

Even when she came face to face with Ganesh at a studio,
she openly ignored him.


What’s worse, Ganesh was NOT invited to choreograph for the
movie (m
y guess is, it was Daisy who made sure he did not get
the movie, because when a woman loses attraction for a man,
she wants to avoid him totally).


Ganesh lost the girl, lost the time and emotional energy he had
invested in her, lost the money that he spent on her gifts, and
he lost the movie.


Today, Ganesh accepts this with an air of resignation :
“Yes, that’s true. It’s okay, she wanted to go ahead in life. I am happy for her.”  


Read full article in the Times of India


So what can you learn from this?


Men buy gifts for beautiful girls because the male logic goes like this :
I do her favour >> She is happy >> She likes me >> I get to f**k her


But the female logic goes like this :
He did me favour  >> 18 other losers did me favour before him >>
He is like one of those 18 losers  >> I don’t f**k losers


When you do a girl a favour in the hope of getting inside her pants,
what you’re really telling her is this :



That makes her see you as a low-confidence  male and she wants
to avoid you.

She may not show it openly. She may even thank you for the
favours and gifts. But deep down inside, she resents you.

And it’s not her fault. She is programmed by nature to avoid men
with low confidence.

Note : Not all women are like that. The  manipulative woman will
want you to continue spending money on her; she may even pretend
to be attracted to you. But quality women will not play these games,
they will just avoid you altogether. 


So what could Ganesh have done differently?
Is there a way to create attraction while doing her favors?


Here are 2 ways. 

  1. Do favours AFTER you have sex, not before. 
    When you buy her gifts after you are in a sexual relationship with
    her, she has a greater appreciation for both the gifts and for you.
    If Ganesh had done her those favours after having sex with her,
    chances are, he would still be having sex with her.
  2. Tease when you do her favours.
    When you do a favour for a girl, there is a danger  she will
    presume that you like her. This is not good for attraction.
    When a girl is sure you like her, she begins to lose attraction
    because you’re no longer a challenge.
    One way to avoid this is to tease her when you do the favour.
    While making her his chief assistant, Ganesh could have said,
    “I will make you chief assistant if you promise to stop
    dressing like a 
    bahenji and start dressing hotter.” 




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