Useful fashion accessory (while learning to approach women)


Nervousness is not attractive to women.

When the shirt around your armpits is soaking wet with perspiration,
it does not matter how confident your body language or how loud your
voice, she can tell you’re nervous.



One thing that worked for me when I was first starting out was ANTI-PERSPIRANT.

If you sweat when you feel nervous approaching women or when you go on a date,
apply some antiperspirant on your arm pits before stepping out.

You’ll feel and look more confident.


How is it different from a deodorant?
An antiperspirant has the chemical
Aluminium zirconium (look for it on the
packaging). A deodorant is just a fragrance. Below is a brand of antiperspirant
that’s easily available in India, but you can pick any well known 
Aluminium Zirconium sounds like a harsh chemical, but I have researched it
and I find it safe. It works by forming a physical plug which blocks your sweat
glands for some time. The plug gradually breaks down and normal 
resumes. I have been using it for years. But I am not a doctor, and I am just sharing
my personal experience, please do your own research and take your own decision.
Avoid using antiperspirant on skin with cuts. If you’ve just shaved your arm pits,
apply antiperspirant after a few hours.   


Gillette Clear Gel is a brand that’s easily available in India


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