Say “thank you” to the police


Have you seen dogs fight during mating season?


They fight viciously, often getting seriously maimed, sometimes fatally wounded.


All, for the chance to have sex with a bitch who has come in heat.


Guess who gets to have sex with the bitch?

Naturally, the dog who wins the fight. The most dominant male.


Question for you : Do you think the bitch is disturbed by all that fighting?
Is she thinking “Oh my god, why are these guys fighting? Why can’t one
of them 
just mount me and finish the job?”


Nope, she is actually thankful for the fight.


She does not want to mate with just any random dog. She wants to have
the baby of the most dominant male. The fight helps her identify that male.


Not just dogs, but in all animal and bird species, sex is usually preceded by
a lot of violence. And the dominant male gets the female, every time.



Why then is it different with humans?

Why are human mating rituals so peaceful?



The reason is simple : Police!


The concept of the Police does not exist in nature.
Humans invented it.


The next time you are sitting at a coffee shop with your wife or girlfriend
without worrying about a more dominant man pushing you away and
having sex with her, say a silent “Thank you” to the police.


Here’s a thought : If there was no police and if a dominant male grabbed
your partner and had sex with her, do you think she would mind it?


You may not like the answer, my friend. 😉


That’s why we train guys to become Real Men.


Because, when you become the dominant male yourself, you have
nothing to worry about.


But until that happens, be thankful to the Police.


P.S. Btw, being a dominant male has nothing to do with being tall,
strong and muscular. Ask Hrithik Roshan, if you don’t believe me.




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