The dark secret of Indian bedrooms…exposed!

  Did you know that many married men are raising children that are not really their own?   He thinks he is the real dad. His child thinks he is the real dad. His relatives and neighbours think he is the real dad. But in fact, he is not the real dad.   The real dad (the man who had sex with his wife) is some other guy. Probably a family friend, or[…]

The ‘secret’ lives of hot babes

Two common myths… Myth: Hot babes have too many guys approaching them and so they must be sick of being approached all the time. Fact: Beautiful girls are almost never approached. Did you know Yaami Gautam has never been approached. 😉 ——————- Myth: Most hot babes are found in bars and night-clubs. Fact:  A high-quality girl, who is attractive inside and out, who has maturity and integrity, who really has her life together, is rarely found[…]

Mails from women “would like to date your real men”

We receive lots of mails from women who thank us for teaching the Real Man workshop.   Often, women will themselves make the payment and enroll their men for the workshop. Girlfriends and wives will register on behalf of their boyfriends and husbands, to help their men learn these skills.   Occasionally, a cool mom signs up her son for the workshop.   And[…]

Yaami Gautam has never been approached

In an interview Yaami Gautam explained why she hasn’t got laid yet.   Journalist : “You have never been linked with anyone?” Yami : “Because I have had no affair in my life so far. On Valentine’s Day, it becomes pitch dark in Chandigarh during evenings. I would have many boys following me around as I[…]

Should a man marry?

Are you looking forward to getting married?   I am writing a detailed blog post on the subject.   The information I will share may surprise you. It will definitely empower you.   Send me your reasons why you think getting married is a good idea. Use this form. I will try to address your reasons in my blog post.   Privacy[…]

Easiest way to create attraction is with ‘push-pull’

The easiest way to spark attraction in a girl is to use push-pull. ———————————— ———————————————– What is push-pull? It is showing interest in her and then showing disinterest and then showing interest again…push, pull, push, pull…always keeping her unsure of whether you really like her or not.   Here’s an example.  You : “I love looking into your eyes.[…]

Real Man workshops soon in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai

  Real Man Workshops soon in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai   Bangalore : October 25 & 26 New Delhi : November 08 & 09 Mumbai : November 22 & 23   A 2-day workshop on the art of attracting a woman and sexually satisfying her.   Learn step-by-step techniques to help you approach and attract women, and to rock[…]