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Art of approaching

Learn the correct way to approach, attract and
get a woman's number any time, anywhere.

Unless you approach a woman you can never take things forward. Whether you're interested in her as a girlfriend, a lover, a wife, a friend or as just a networking contact, you have to first approach her. But there is a right and wrong way to approach. The wrong way makes her think "How long is this guy going to stay! :(" The right way makes her think, "I hope he doesn't go away!" Learn the right way to approach and connect with
women at a Real Man bootcamp.  
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How to be an attractive man and a great lover

Learn the art of attracting a woman and
sexually satisfying her

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Do you know how to walk, talk and present yourself in a way that attracts women? Do you know what conversation topics interest women and what topics turn them off? Or how to respond to her sms messages in a way that enhances her attraction? Or how to avoid the common phone-mistakes guys make? Or what to do and say on a date that increases her attraction? Or how to kiss her the
first time without awkward moments? Or make love to her the way she really prefers? Or how to give her amazing orgasms? Learn all this and more at the Real Man Workshop, an intensive 2-day workshop conducted by a certified sex educator.


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30 day eCoaching program


Question of the week

"I am afraid to approach girls. I go out with my friend, and see the girls but I am too scared to approach. How to remove this fear?"


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Beauty is indeed skin deep

The secret behind most pretty faces is just great make-up!
Knowing this makes it easier for men to approach and talk to beautiful women. See women before & after make up.


Do you know the 5 steps of mating?


Do you make these mistakes with women?

* You see a woman you find really attractive, but are too afraid to
approach and talk to her.

* You go up to a woman to talk to her, but you just can't think of
something to say, and end up feeling as if you "blew it."

* You make eye contact with the girl, but you're not sure she likes you,
so the opportunity is gone before you can take advantage of it.


Why women don't rush to sex like men

  Women want sex as much as men do. Then why don’t they jump into bed as easily as men ? Why do women insist on knowing a man well before getting intimate with him? The answer lies in evolution. MORE »


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